SP5070 Datasheet PDF

Part Number SP5070
Manufacturer Mitel Networks
Title 2.GHz Fixed Modulus Frequency Synthesiser
Description The SP5070, when used with a voltage controlled oscillator, forms a complete phase locked loop frequency synthesiser. The phase comparator compari...
Features s Low Power Consumption (5V, 47mA typ.) s Prescaler and Preamplifier Included s Charge Pump Amplifier with Feedback Point s Charge Pump Disable Facility s Synthesises Frequencies up to 2.4GHz s Pin and Function Compatible with SP5060 and SP5062 s Full ESD Protection* * Normal ESD handling procedures s...

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Datasheet SP5070 PDF File

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SP507 : SP507 5V Single Chip WAN Multi-Mode Serial Transceiver ■ Interface Modes Supported: ✓ RS-232 (V.28) ✓ X.21/RS-422 (V.11) ✓ EIA-530 (V.10 & V.11) ✓ EIA-530A (V.10 & V.11) ✓ RS-449 (V.10 & V.11) ✓ V.35 (V.35 & V.28) ■ Software Selectable Protocols ■ Highest Differential Transmission Rates available at over 20Mbps ■ +5V Only Operation ■ Seven (7) Drivers and Seven (7) Receivers ■ Driver and Receiver Tri-state Control ■ Internal Transceiver Termination Resistors for V.11 and V.35 Protocols ■ Improved ESD Tolerance for Analog I/Os ■ Compliant to NET1/2 and TBR2 Physical Layer Requirements ■ Used in WAN Serial Ports in Routers Switches, DSU/CSU's and other Access Devices ■ Avai.

SP507 : The SP507 is a monolithic IC that supports seven (7) popular serial interface standards for DTE/DCE connectivity. The seven (7) drivers and seven (7) receivers transmit and receive signals at over 20Mbps. The SP507 requires no additional external components for compliant operation for all seven (7) modes of operation. All necessary termination is integrated within the SP507 and is switchable when V.35 drivers, V.35 receivers, and V.11 receivers are used. The SP507 can operate as either a DTE or DCE. Additional features include a latch enable pin with the driver and receiver address decoder. Tri-state ability for the driver and receiver outputs is controlled by supplying a 3-bit word into the.

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