SC8050 Datasheet PDF

Part Number SC8050
Manufacturer NXP
Title (SC80xx) Single Chip 8-Bit Microcontroller
Description ...
Features ...

File Size 1.47MB
Datasheet SC8050 PDF File

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SC805 : The SC805 is a fully integrated, single cell, constant-current (CC)/constant-voltage (CV) Lithium-Ion battery charger in a tiny 3x3 mm thermally enhanced lead free MLP package. The SC805 can operate as a stand-alone charger or in conjunction with a Power Management Controller (PMIC). The SC805 has a pre-charge function for trickle charging deeply discharged batteries. The fast charge current is enabled automatically when the battery voltage reaches the required threshold. When the battery reaches the constant voltage or CV portion of the charge curve the SC805 switches to CV regulation mode. In this mode the output current decays as the battery charges until the termination current is reache.

SC8050 : ■■APPLICATION:POWER AMPLIFIER APPLICATION,SWITCH APPLICATION ■■MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25℃) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATING UNIT Collector-base voltage VCBO 40 V Collector-emitter voltage VCEO 25 V Emitter-base voltage VEBO 6 V Collector current IC 800 mA Collector Power Dissipation PC 800 mW Junction Temperature TJ 150 ℃ Storage Temperature Range Tstg ﹣55~150 ℃ SC8050 —NPN silicon — ■■ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Ta=25℃) PARAMETER SYMBOL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT TEST CONDITION DC Current Gain hFE 85 300 VCE= 1 V,Ic= 100 mA Collector Cut-off Current ICBO 0.1 µA VCB= 35 V,IE=0 Emitter Cut-off Current IEBO 0.1 µA VEB= 6 V,Ic=0 Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage BVCBO 40 V Ic= 0.

SC805A : Style Name _GreenBarText Description SC805A Miniature Integrated High Current Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Features Features Fully integrated charger with FET pass transistor, Reverse-blocking diode, sense resistor and thermal protection High accuracy charge current* Tiny 3mm x 3mm 10-lead MLPD package Programmable pre-charge, fast-charge and termination current Battery voltage controlled to 1% accuracy Built-in timer for protection and complete charging NTC interface with battery detection Soft-start to reduce adapter in-rush current Up to 1A continuous charge current Input voltage range from 3V to 6V allows seamless charging from current limited adapter Applications  Provides adapter vo.

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