Part Number MAX17080
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Title AMD 2-/3-Output Mobile Serial VID Controller
Description The MAX17080 is a triple-output, step-down, fixedfrequency controller for AMD’s serial VID interface (SVI) CPU and northbridge (NB) core supplies....
Features detect a fault, the controller shuts down. True differential current sensing improves current limit and load-line accuracy. The MAX17080 has an adjustable switching frequency, allowing 100kHz to 600kHz operation per core SMPS, and twice that for the NB SMPS. Features o Dual-Outp...

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MAX1708 : The MAX1708 sets a new standard of space savings for high-power, step-up DC-DC conversion. It delivers up to 10W at a fixed (3.3V or 5V) or adjustable (2.5V to 5.5V) output, using an on-chip power MOSFET from a +0.7V to +5V supply. Fixed-frequency PWM operation ensures that the switching noise spectrum is constrained to the 600kHz fundamental and its harmonics, allowing easy postfiltering for noise reduction. External clock synchronization capability allows for even tighter noise spectrum control. Quiescent power consumption is less than 1mW to extend operating time in battery-powered systems. Two control inputs (ONA, ONB) allow simple push-on, push-off control through a single momentary pus.

MAX17082 : Features o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Single-/Dual-Phase, Quick-PWM Controllers MAX17021 IMVP-6+ (Montevina) MAX17082/MAX17482 IMVP-6.5 (Calpella) ±0.5% VOUT Accuracy Over Line, Load, and Temperature 7-Bit 0 to 1.50V VID Control Dynamic Phase Selection Optimizes Active/Sleep Efficiency Transient Phase Overlap Reduces Output Capacitance Integrated Boost Switches Active Voltage Positioning with Adjustable Gain Programmable 200kHz to 800kHz Switching Frequency Accurate Current Balance and Current Limit Adjustable Slew-Rate Control Power-Good, Clock Enable, and Thermal-Fault Outputs Phase Current Imbalance Fault Output Drives Large Synchronous Rectifier MOSFETs 4V to 26V Battery Input-V.

MAX17083 : The MAX17083 is a fixed-frequency, current-mode, step-down regulator optimized for low-voltage, lowpower applications. This regulator features dual internal n-channel MOSFET power switches for high efficiency and reduced component count. External Schottky diodes are not required. An integrated boost switch eliminates the need for an external boost diode. The internal 25mΩ low-side power MOSFET easily supports continuous load currents up to 5A. The MAX17083 produces an adjustable 0.75V to 2.7V output voltage from the system’s 3.3V or 5V input supply. This step-down regulator uses a peak current-mode control scheme to eliminate the additional external compensation required by voltage-mode arch.

MAX17085B : The MAX17085B is an all-in-one notebook power solution integrating a multichemistry battery charger, dual fixedoutput Quick-PWMK step-down controllers, and dual keep-alive linear regulators: Charger: The high-frequency (~1.4MHz) multichemistry battery charger uses a current-mode, fixed inductor current ripple architecture that significantly reduces component size and cost. Low-offset sense amplifiers allow the use of low-value sense resistors for charging and input current limit. The charger uses n-channel switching MOSFETs. Adjustable charge current, charge voltage, and cell selection allow for flexible use with different battery packs. Charge current is set by an analog control input, or.

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