Part Number MAX8765
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Title Low-Cost Multichemistry Battery Chargers
Description The MAX1908/MAX8724/MAX8765/MAX8765A highly integrated, multichemistry battery-charger control ICs simplify the construction of accurate and effic...
Features o ±0.5% Output Voltage Accuracy Using Internal Reference (±0.4% for MAX8765A, 2-/3-Cell Only) o ±4% Accurate Input Current Limiting o ±5% Accurate Charge Current o Analog Inputs Control Charge Current and Charge Voltage o Outputs for Monitoring Current Drawn from AC Adapter Charging Current AC Adapt...

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MAX876 : The MAX873/MAX875/MAX876 precision 2.5V, 5V, and 10V references offer excellent accuracy and very low power consumption. Extremely low temperature drift combined with excellent line and load regulation permit stable operation over a wide range of electrical and environmental conditions. Operation for the MAX873 is guaranteed with a +4.5V supply, making the part ideal in systems running from a +5V ±10% supply. Low 10Hz to 1kHz noise—typically 3.8µVRMS, 9µVRMS, and 18µVRMS, respectively, for the MAX873, MAX875, MAX876—make the parts suitable for 12-bit data-acquisition systems. A TRIM pin facilitates adjustment of the reference voltage over a ±6% range, using only a 100kΩ potentiometer. A volt.

MAX8760 : The MAX8760 is a dual-phase, Quick-PWM™, stepdown controller for 6-bit VID AMD Mobile Turion™ 64 CPU core supplies. Dual-phase operation reduces input ripple current requirements and output voltage ripple while easing component selection and layout difficulties. The quick-PWM control scheme provides instantaneous response to fast-load current steps. The MAX8760 includes active voltage positioning with adjustable gain and offset, reducing power dissipation and bulk output capacitance requirements. The MAX8760 is intended for two different notebook CPU core applications: stepping down the battery directly or stepping down the 5V system supply to create the core voltage. The single-stage conver.

MAX8761 : Features ♦ High-Performance Linear Regulator 1.6% Output Accuracy Works with Small Ceramic Output Capacitors Fast Transient Response Foldback Current Limit ♦ 50mA Negative Regulated Charge Pump ♦ 20mA Positive Regulated Charge Pump with Adjustable Delay ♦ Built-In Power-Up Sequence ♦ High-Current Operational Amplifier (MAX8710/MAX8711/MAX8761) ±150mA Output Short-Circuit Current 12V/µs Slew Rate 12MHz, -3dB Bandwidth Rail-to-Rail Inputs/Output ♦ Dual-Mode™ High-Voltage Switches (MAX8710/MAX8761) ♦ Thermal Protection ♦ Latched Fault Protection with Timer MAX8710/MAX8711/MAX8712/MAX8761 The MAX8710/MAX8711/MAX8712/MAX8761 offer complete linear-regulator power-supply solutions for thin-film t.

MAX8765A : The MAX1908/MAX8724/MAX8765/MAX8765A highly integrated, multichemistry battery-charger control ICs simplify the construction of accurate and efficient chargers. These devices use analog inputs to control charge current and voltage, and can be programmed by the host or hardwired. The MAX1908/MAX8724/MAX8765/ MAX8765A achieve high efficiency using a buck topology with synchronous rectification. The MAX1908/MAX8724/MAX8765/MAX8765A feature input current limiting. This feature reduces battery charge current when the input current limit is reached to avoid overloading the AC adapter when supplying the load and the battery charger simultaneously. The MAX1908/MAX8724/MAX8765/MAX8765A provide output.

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