Part Number SZN5935
Manufacturer SSDI
Title (SZN5913 - SZN5956) ZENER DIODES
Description Solid State Devices, Inc. 14701 Firestone Blvd * La Mirada, Ca 90638 Phone: (562) 404-4474 * Fax: (562) 404-1773 * www.ssdi-po...
Features ƒ Hermetically Sealed in Glass ƒ Rated at 1.5 W ƒ Available in Axial and Square Tab Surface Mount (SMS) version ƒ TX, TXV, and S-Level Screening Available7/ ƒ Tolerances of 5%, 2%, or 1% Available. ƒ Replaces 1N5913
  – 1N5956 Package Type __ = Axial Leaded SMS = Surface Mount Square Tab Tolerance ...

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