Part Number MPS-U55
Manufacturer New Jersey Semi-Conductor
Title PNP Silicon Amplifier Transistor
Description StmL-Conductor £A\oauc£i, Unc. 20 STERN AVE. SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY 07081 U.S.A. MPS-U55 (SILICON) MPS-U56 TELEPHONE: (201)376-2922 (212)227-60...
Features ACTERISTICS Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Symbol "JC «JA Max 12.5 125 Unit °c/w °c/w 0360 ~ 0.375 — -0.190 1 T rail Collector Connected Quality S=imi-Conrh.)rtor$ Se.mi-C.onauck.oi iJ-ioducti, One, 20 STERN AVE. SPRINGFIELD, NEW J...

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