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Radial Lead Varistor

Radial Lead Varistor




Part Number 07D301KJ
Description Radial Lead Varistor
Feature Radial Lead Varistor (MOV) 1007D Series Description The 07D series radial lead ed varistors provides an ideal circuit protection solution for lower DC voltag e applications by offering higher surge ratings than ever before available in such small discs.
The maximum peak surg e current rating can reach up to 1.
75KA (8/20 μs pulse) to protect against hi gh peak surges, including indirect ligh tning strike interference, system switc hing transients and abnormal fast trans ients from the power source.
Features u Wide operating voltage (V1mA) range f rom 8V to 820V u Fast responding to tra nsient over-vol .
Manufacture SOCAY
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Part Number 07D301KJ
Description Metal Oxide Varistors
Feature Metal Oxide Varistors Varistor>07D180~8 21KJ Series Applications MOV
• Tran sistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac s emiconductor protection.

• Surge prot ection in consumer electronics.

• Sur ge protection in industrial electronics .

• Surge protection in electronic ho me appliances, gas and petroleum applia nces.

• Relay and electromagnetic val ve surge absorption.
• Wide operating voltage (V1mA) range from 8V to 1800V.

• Fast responding to trans ient over-voltage.

• Large absorbing transient energy capability.

• Low cl amping ratio and no following-on curren t.
General Information The MOV- .
Manufacture Leiditech
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Part Number 07D301KJ
Feature SONGLONG LISHANG METAL OXIDE VARISTOR 07D SERIES VDR Varistor 07D SERIES FEATURES * Wide operating voltage (V1 mA) range from 18V to 820V.
* Fast res ponding to transient over-voltage.
* L arge absorbing transient energy capabil ity.
* Low clamping ratio and no follo w-on current.
* Meets MSL level 1, per J-STD-020 * Safety number : CUL- E317 616 VDE- 40028836 CQC-12001076478 ISO 9001-2018 APPLICATION *Transistor, Dio de, IC, Thyristor or Triac semiconducto r protection.
* Surge protection in con sumer electronics.
* Surge protection i n industrial electronics.
* Surge prote ction in electro .
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