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Datasheet: 2.2K3A1W3 datasheet

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Description: BetaTHERM Sensors BetaCURVE Interchange able Thermistor Series IV BetaCURVE In terchangeable Series IV Applications: Photo ? ¥ Temperature sensing, contr ol and compensation. ¥ Applications wh ere a Dissipation Constant of 3.0 mW/oC is required. Thermistor Configuration 28 AWG Tin Plated Copper Lead Wires Thermally Conductive Epoxy Coating 2.7 94mm (0.110") Max. Dia. Features: ¥ R apid Time Response (1.5 second, typical in liquids). ¥ DC (Dissipation Consta nt) = 3.0mW/oC typical in still air at 25oC. ¥ Min./Max. Temperature Exposure = -80oC to 150oC. ¥ Available in cust om probe assemblies. ¥ Proven Stabilit y and Reliability 45.7mm +/-5.0mm (1.8 0" +/-0.20") Example: BetaCURVE Series IV

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Chip Thermistors

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