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6073A Datasheet - 2N6073A

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Datasheet: 6073A datasheet

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Description: 2N6071A/B Series www.DataSheet4U.com Pre ferred Device Sensitive Gate Triacs Si licon Bidirectional Thyristors Designed primarily for full-wave AC control app lications, such as light dimmers, motor controls, heating controls and power s upplies; or wherever full-wave silicon gate controlled solid-state devices are needed. Triac type thyristors switch f rom a blocking to a conducting state fo r either polarity of applied anode volt age with positive or negative gate trig gering. Features http://onsemi.com TR IACS 4.0 A RMS, 200 − 600 V • Sens itive Gate Triggering Uniquely Compatib le for Direct Coupling • • • • • to TTL, HTL, CMOS and Operational A mplifier Integrated Circuit Logic Functions Gate T

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ON Semiconductor



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