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A7CN-L Datasheet - Thumbwheel Switch

A7CN-L   A7CN-L  

Datasheet: A7CN-L datasheet

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Description: Thumbwheel Switch www.DataSheet4U.com A7CN/A7CN-L A Brand New Lineup of A7C S eries Compact Thumbwheel Switches • T he series includes a complete range of locking-type models that prevent accide ntal operation. CSM_A7CN_A7CN-L_DS_E_2 _1 Ordering Information Switches (Sing le Switch Units) Model Screw mounting ( back mounting) Classification (See note 1.) A7CN Snap-in (front mounting) Ter minals Color 06 (binary coded decimal) Output code number Model PCB terminals Light gray --Black A7CN-106-1 Light gr ay A7CN-206 Black A7CN-206-1 A7CN-L Sn ap-in (front mounting) Classification (See note 1.) Locking type PCB terminal s Light gray A7CN-L206 Black A7CN-L206- 1 Terminals Color 06 (binary coded de

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Thumbwheel Switch

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