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Part ADV7604
Description Video and Graphics Digitizer
Feature Data Sheet 12-Bit, 170 MHz, Video and Graphics Digitizer with Quad HDMI Receiver ADV7604 FEATURES .
Manufacture Analog Devices
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Data Sheet 12-Bit, 170 MHz, Video and Graphics Digitizer wi ADV7604 Datasheet

Data Sheet
12-Bit, 170 MHz, Video and Graphics
Digitizer with Quad HDMI Receiver
Three 12-bit ADCs
ADC sampling rates up to 170 MHz
12-channel analog input mux
525i/625i component analog input
525p/625p component progressive scan support
720p/1080i/1080p/1250i component HDTV support
Digitizes RGB graphics up to 1600 × 1200 at 60 Hz (UXGA)
VBI data slicer (including teletext)
Simultaneous HDMI and analog video sync processing
Ultralow jitter digital PLL
4:1 multiplexed HDMI receiver
HDMI 1.3a support
36-/30-/24-bit deep color support
Flexible audio interface (DSD, DST,
Dolby® TrueHD, DTS®-HD master audio, and DTS-HD
high resolution audio)
225 MHz HDMI receiver
Repeater support
High-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP 1.3)
Programmable/adaptive equalizer for cable lengths up to
30 meters
Internal EDID RAM
EDID with HDMI cable power support
CEC support
S/PDIF (IEC90658-compatible) digital audio output
Highly flexible output interface
12-bit 4:4:4/8-bit 4:2:2 DDR pixel output interface
Dual STDI function support standard identification
2 any-to-any 3 × 3 color space conversion matrices
2 programmable interrupt request output pins
Advanced sync processing for robust sync extraction of
poor video sources
AV.Link support
Advanced TV
LCD TVs (HDTV ready)
LCD/DLP® rear projection HDTVs
AVR video receivers
LCD/DLP front projectors
DVD recorders with progressive scan input support
The ADV7604 is a high quality, single chip, multiformat video
decoder, graphics digitizer with an integrated 4:1 multiplexed
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®) receiver.
The ADV7604 contains one main componentprocessor (CP)
that processesYPrPb and RGB component formats, including
RGB graphics. The CP also processesthe video signals from the
HDMI receiver. The ADV7604 can operate in quad HDMI and
analog input mode, thus providing simultaneousHDMI and
analog video sync processing. This allows for fast switching
between HDMI and the ADCs.
The ADV7604 supports the decoding of a component RGB/
YPrPb video signal into a digital YCrCb or RGB pixel output
stream. The support for componentvideo includes 525i, 625i,
525p, 625p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 1250i standards as well as
many other HD and SMPTE standards.
Graphics digitization is also supported bythe ADV7604. The
ADV7604 is capable of digitizing RGB graphics signals from
VGA to UXGA rates and converting them into a digital RGB
or YCrCb pixel output stream.
The ADV7604 incorporatesa quad input HDMI-compatible
receiver that supportsall HDTV formats upto 1080panddisplay
resolutions up to UXGA (1600 × 1200 at 60 Hz). The reception
of encrypted video is possible with the inclusion of HDCP. The
HDMI receiver also includes programmable/adaptive equaliza-
tion that ensures robustoperation of the interface with cable
lengths up to 30 meters. The HDMI receiver hasadvanced
audio functionality, such as a mute controller thatprevents
audible extraneousnoise in the audio output.
Fabricated in an advanced CMOS process,the ADV7604 is
provided in a space-saving, 260-ball 15 mm × 15 mm BGA
surface-mount, RoHS-compliant package and is specified
over the −40°C to +70°C temperature range.
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