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PTC Thermistors

PTC Thermistors




Part Number B5960
Description PTC Thermistors
Feature PTC thermistors for overcurrent protecti on www.
com SMDs, EIA size 1210, 24 V, 63 V and 230 V Series/Type : Date: B5960*, B59707, B59807, B59907 April 2007 © EPCOS AG 2007.
Reproduc tion, publication and dissemination of this publication, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein with out EPCOS' prior express consent is pro hibited.
Overcurrent protection SMDs, EIA size 1210, 24 V, 63 V and 230 V A60 6/607, A707, A807, A907 Applications O vercurrent protection Short-circuit pro tection Features Thermistor chip with l ead-free tinned terminations Small size Short response .
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Part Number B59603B
Description (B59xxx) Line Card Applications
Feature Telecom Line Card Applications, Leaded D isks Applications I Overcurrent protect ion for line cards B59*** B 10**, B 11 **, B 16**, C 10** Features I Complian t with ITU-T K20, K21, K45 – basic l evel lightning surges (10/700 µs) – basic level power induction (600 V, 1 A , 0,2 s) – power contact criteria A/B (230 V, 15 min.
) I Suitable for contin ous connection to mains voltages of 110 /230 VAC in tripped (high ohmic) condit ion I Narrow resistance tolerance Optio ns I Alternative tolerances and resista nces on request Delivery mode I Cardbo ard tape, reeled (standard) or in AMMO pack (on request); ca .
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Part Number B59601
Description Sensors Limit Temperature Sensors
Feature Sensors Limit Temperature Sensors, SMDs, EIA Size 0603 Applications I I I I I B59601 A 601 Dimensional drawing 0,8±0 ,15 0,9 max.
1,6±0,15 DC/DC converte rs Home appliances Dimmers Electronic b allasts Temperature management in autom otive electronics Features I I I I I Thermistor chip with lead-free tinned t erminations Small size Fast and reliabl e response Suitable for reflow solderin g Suitable for automatic placement Ter mination TPT0698-5-E Dimensions (mm) Options I Other TNTT values on request Delivery mode I Blister tape, 180-mm r eel www.
com General techni cal data Max.
op .
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