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Small Signal Schottky Diodes

Small Signal Schottky Diodes




Part Number BAS70-00
Description Small Signal Schottky Diodes
Feature www.
com BAS70-00 to BAS70-06 Vis hay Semiconductors Small Signal Schott ky Diodes, Single and Dual BAS70-00 3 BAS70-04 3 Top View 1 2 BAS70-05 3 1 2 BAS70-06 3 Top View 1 2 1 2 DESIGN SUPPORT TOOLS click logo to ge t started Models Available PARTS TABL E PART BAS70-00 BAS70-04 BAS70-05 BAS70 -06 ORDERING CODE BAS70-00-E3-08 or BA S70-00-E3-18 BAS70-00-HE3-08 or BAS70-0 0-HE3-18 BAS70-04-E3-08 or BAS70-04-E3- 18 BAS70-04-HE3-08 or BAS70-04-HE3-18 B AS70-05-E3-08 or BAS70-05-E3-18 BAS70-0 5-HE3-08 or BAS70-05-HE3-18 BAS70-06-E3 -08 or BAS70-06-E3-18 BAS70-06-HE3-08 o r BAS70-06-HE3 .
Manufacture Vishay
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Part Number BAS70-00-V
Description (BAS70-00-V - BAS70-06-V) Small Signal Schottky Diodes
Feature www.
kr BAS70-00-V to BAS70 -06-V Vishay Semiconductors Small Sign al Schottky Diodes, Single & Dual Feat ures
• These diodes feature very low turn-on voltage and fast switching
• These devices are protected by a PN jun ction guard ring against excessive volt age, such as electrostatic discharges AEC-Q101 qualified
• Compliant to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC and in accord ance to WEEE 2002/96/EC BAS70-00-V 3 BAS70-04-V 3 Top View 1 2 1 2 Mechani cal Data Case: SOT-23 Weight: approx.
8 .
8 mg Packaging Codes/Options: GS18 / 1 0 k per 13" reel (8 mm tape), 10 k/box GS08 / 3 k per 7" reel .
Manufacture Vishay Siliconix
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Part Number BAS70-00-G
Description Small Signal Schottky Diode
Feature www.
com BAS70-00-G to BAS70-06-G Vishay Semiconductors Small Signal Sc hottky Diodes, Single and Dual BAS70-0 0-G 3 BAS70-04-G 3 Top View 1 2 1 2 BAS70-05-G 3 BAS70-06-G 3 Top Vie w 1 2 1 2 DESIGN SUPPORT TOOLS cli ck logo to get started Models Availabl e FEATURES
• These diodes feature ve ry low turn-on voltage and fast switchi ng
• These devices are protected by a PN junction guard ring against excessi ve voltage, such as electrostatic disch arges
• AEC-Q101 qualified available (part number on request)
• Base P/ N-G3 - green, commercial grade
• Mate rial categorization: for .
Manufacture Vishay
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