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G0090 Datasheet - Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Module


Datasheet: G0090 datasheet

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Description: Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Modul e B L E X I L E Indy4100 rlong =100 mm N.B.Image not to scale data sheet Power connections are suitable for crim p connection or soldered _ ve connectio n with the appropriate use of heat-shun t tweezers to ensure minimal heating of the polymer material. rlat = +/-1.0mm F 61mm +1.0mm -1.0mm 100mm Conditio n 200 lux 1000 lux 200 lux 1000 lux 200 lux 1000lux 200 lux 1000 lux Typical 2 .24 2.50 109 524 1.81 2.03 97 476 30 0. 35 0.06 + ve Minimum 2.17 2.45 105 498 1.74 1.96 93 454 - Parameter Open cir cuit voltage Short circuit current Oper ating voltage Operating current Bend ra dius Thickness Mass F36W-827 Fluorescen t tubes Symbol Voc Isc Vop Iop Br d

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G24 Innovations


Dye Sensitised Indoor Photovoltaic Module

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