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Part ISO4011
Description one-channel Data Acquisition Modules
Feature Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co.,Ltd. ISO 4011 Series Multirange,High Accuracy .
Manufacture Shenzhen Sunyuan
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Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.
ISO 4011 Series
Multirange,High Accuracy Analog Input,
Data Acquisition Modules
Single-channel analog signal-conditioning modules,isolated RS-485/232 output
Testing accuracy>0.05%
Can be remotely reconfigured for modules accuracy and input ranges
Three-port isolation(input/output/assistant power supply): 3000VDC
Power supply:24VDC/15VDC/12VDC/5VDC
High reliability,easy programme,installation.
Temperature sensors for offsetting thermocouple cold port
J/ K/ T/ E/ R/ S/ B thermocouple input
±15 mV/ ±50 mV/ ±100 mV/ ±500 mV millivolt small signal input
±1 V / ±2.5 V voltage signals or ±20 mA current signals input
Temperature signal testing/monitoring/cintrol
RS-232/485 industrial automation control system
Industial field signal isolation
Process Monitoring & Control
Test sensors signal
Laboratory Data Acquisition
Medical machine monitoring
4-20mA/0-20mA signal acquisition
Product Overview
ISO40xx series realizes sensor-to-host signal acquisition for testing analog signal or remote
applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog
input, analog output, and digital I/O,ISO40xx series are widely used in RS-232/485
automation control system,temperature signal testing,small signal testing, Monitoring &
Control, remote data acquisition applications.
Including power supply isolation, signal isolation, linearization, A/d conversion and
RS-232C/RS-485 serial communication. for up to 256 channels per serial port, ISO40xx Series
modules,adopts ASCII format and MODBUS,its injunction fully encapsulated to ADAM
modules,baud rate can be intercalated by code,can be used in the same RS-485 lines with other
manufacturers modules,convenient for computer-programme.
ISO40xx series modules is SCM-based intelligent monitoring and control system, with all
calibration,High and Low alarm, address,input ranges,baud rate,data format and linearizing
parameters stored in EEPROM non-volatile memory. ISO 40xx series modules can test
variety of sensor types,including thermocouple and RTD ,and other a wide variety of input
ranges,different modules that need to be used in a given application and carried in
ISO40xx series modules are designed as industrial standard,three-port isolation
(input/output/power supply),3000VDC isolated.Temperature range is - 45to +85.
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Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.
ISO 4011 Function Description
ISO 4011 is single-channel isolated signal-conditioning modules. Accepts outputs from
Thermocouple, millivolt, volt and current signals.
Anaolg Input Module:
24-bit accuracy,have been calibrated all signal input before ex-factor.Also,Users can
programme himself when modules working.Thermocouple input break line testing,linearity
compensation and cold port temperature compensation.
Communication software:
Communication Interface: Module has one standard RS-485 interface
Communication agreement: Standard ASCII, MODBUS,can make network
communicate with PLC,RTU or watch software.
Data format: 10-bit,1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity. (N, 8, 1)
Communication address (0~255) and baud rate (300600120024004800960019200
38400bps),Max. communication distance: 1200m,connect by both twists shiled cable.±15KV
ESDprotection,communication response time is less than 70mS.
(2-wire) Alarm signaling output:
When choose products with alarm function,output two channels switching alarm
signal,they are used to high&low control and alarm.
Set checksum according to need.Its inside contains MOMENTARY bate diode.
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