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Part LM4570
Description Single-Ended Input Motor Driver
Feature LM4570 Single-Ended Input Motor Driver April 2006 LM4570 Single-Ended Input Motor Driver General D.
Manufacture National Semiconductor
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LM4570 Single-Ended Input Motor Driver April 2006 LM4570 S LM4570 Datasheet
LM4570 SNOSAV2C – APRIL 2006 – REVISED APRIL 20 LM4570 Datasheet

April 2006
Single-Ended Input Motor Driver
General Description
The LM4570 is a single supply motor driver for improved
sensory experience in mobile phones and other handheld
devices. The LM4570 is capable of driving up to 192mA
while operating from a 3V supply. Near rail-to-rail output
swing under load ensures sufficient voltage drive for most
DC motors, while the differential output drive allows the
voltage polarity across the motor to be reversed quickly.
www.DataSheet4U.cRoemversing the voltage gives the LM4570 the ability to drive a
motor both clock-wise and counter clock-wise from a single
The LM4570 features fast turn on time, and a wide input
voltage range for precise speed control. A low power shut-
down mode minimizes power consumption.
Thermal and output short circuit protection prevents the
device from being damaged during fault conditions.
Key Specifications
j High Output Current @ VDD = 3V
j Fast Turn On Time @ 3V
j Quiescent Power Supply Current @ 3V
j Shutdown Current
n Output Short Circuit Protection
n High Output Current Capability
n Wide Output Voltage Range
n Fast Turn on Time
n Output Short Circuit Protection
n Low Power Shutdown Mode
n Minimum external components
n Available in space-saving LLP package
n Mobile Phones
n PDAs
n Video Game Systems
0.1µA (typ)
Typical Application
FIGURE 1. Typical Motor Driver Application Circuit
© 2006 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201863

Connection Diagrams
Leadless Leadframe Package (LLP)
LQ Package
Top View
Order Number LM4570LQ
See NS Package Number LQB08A
LLP Marking
Top View
X - One digit date code
TT - Lot traceability
G - Boomer Family
C8 - LM4570LQ

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