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Part NT91214
Description (NT91214 / NT91215) Tone / Pulse Dialer
Feature ( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) NT91214/15 Series Tone/Pulse Dialer Features T One touch redia.
Manufacture Novatek
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( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) NT91214/15 Series Tone/ NT91214 Datasheet

( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com )
NT91214/15 Series
Tone/Pulse Dialer
T One touch redial operation
T Tone/Pulse switchable
T 32 digit capacity for redialing
T Automatic mixed redialing (last number redial) of pulse
to DTMF with multiple automatic access pauses
T PABX auto-pause is 2.2 seconds
T DTMF Timing:
Manual dialing: minimum duration for bursts and
Redialing: calibrated timing
T Hands-Free control function
T Wide operating voltage range: 2V to 5.5V
T Key-in beep tone output
T Digits dialed manually after redialing are cascadable
and stored as additional digits for the next redialing
T Uses inexpensive ceramic resonator (3.58 MHz)
T Two versions for different telephone systems
T Built-in power up reset circuit
T Four extra function keys: flash, pause, redial and DP
DTMF mixed dialing
T 4 x 4 (or 2 x 8) keyboard can be used
T Low standby current
General Description
The NT91214/15 is a single-chip, silicon gate, CMOS
integrated circuit with an on-chip oscillator for a 3.58MHz
crystal or ceramic resonator. It provides a dialing pulse
(DP) or dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) dialing. A
standard 4 x 4 matrix keyboard can be used to support
either DP or DTMF modes.
Up to 32 digits can be saved in the on-chip RAM for
redialing. In the DTMF mode, a short minimum tone
duration and minimum intertone pause allows rapid
dialing. Maximum tone duration depends on the key
depression time during manual dialing.
Pin Configurations
a. 16-Pin Package
b. 18-Pin Packages
(i) Key Tone Output
(ii) Hands-Free Control
c. 20-Pin Package
1 V1.0

NT91214/15 Series
Keyboard Assignments
*/T 0
C1 C2 C3 GND
1. */T -- In PULSE mode this key works as Pulse DTMF key (T key). In DTMF mode the key works as * key.
*/T key will occupy one memory digit in either use.
2. F1 -- Flash key. The break time is 297 ms or 96 ms (NT91214/15 respectively)
3. F2 -- Flash key for break time 640 ms
4. P -- Pause key (2.2 seconds)
5. RD -- One key redial key
6. # -- In PULSE mode this key input is neglected. In DTMF mode this key works as # key.
Block Diagram
2 V1.0

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