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SDT310 Datasheet - small type platinumthin film thermal sensors

SDT310   SDT310  

Datasheet: SDT310 datasheet

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Description: SDT310 small type p latinum thin film thermal sensors EU f eatures • • • • T.C.R. is in ac cordance with JIS-DIN standards The sma ll package with a real ability of 1kΩ resistance Thermal time constant is im proved with the small package Products with lead-free terminations meet EU RoH S requirements. Pb located in glass mat erial, electrode and resistor element i s exempt per Annex 1, exemption 5 of EU directive 2005/95/EC Dimensions inches (mm) t f d (Nom.) __ NEW circuit pro tection dimensions and construction L Protective Coating Lead Weld Reinforcin g Coating Lead Wire Type SDT310AP SDT3 10, SDT310LTC, SDT310HLTC, SDT310MT Lea d Weld Reinforcing Coating L W l .315±.079

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KOA Speer Electronics


small type platinumthin film thermal sensors

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