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Feature CS22220 Data Sheet Wireless PCMCIA Controller 1 Description The Cirrus Logic CS22220 Wireless Netwo.
Manufacture Cirrus Logic
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CS22220 Data Sheet Wireless PCMCIA Controller 1 Description CS22220 Datasheet
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CS22220 Data Sheet
Wireless PCMCIA Controller
1 Description
The Cirrus Logic CS22220 Wireless Network Controller enables high performance, 11 Megabits per
second digital wireless data connectivity for PCMCIA, mobile, embedded systems and other cost
sensitive applications.
The CS22220 is a highly integrated single-chip PCMCIA solution for wireless networks supporting
video, audio, voice, and data traffic. The programmable controller executes Cirrus Logic’s
Whitecap™2 networking protocol that provides Wi-Fi™ (802.11b) compliance as well as multimedia
and quality of service (QoS) support. The device includes several high performance components
including an ARM7TDMI RISC processor core, a Forward Error Correction (FEC) codec and a
wireless radio MAC supporting up to11 Mbps throughput. The CS22220 utilizes state of the art
0.18um CMOS process and is housed in a 208 FPBGA compact (15mm x 15mm) package, which
has low-lead inductance suitable for highly integrated radio applications. The core is powered at 1.8
V with 3.3V (5.0V tolerant) I/O to reduce overall power consumption. In addition, the CS22220
supports low power management for the host and radio interfaces.
The CS22220 is designed to be an integral part of a PC card (PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA 4.2). The
PCMCIA host interface also supports both little endian and big endian protocol for easy interfacing
to popular microprocessors in embedded system applications.
PCMCIA Host or Embedded CPU
802.11b compatible
2.4 GHz
Digital Radio
PHY Transceiver
Networking Data
11 Mbps
Baseband I/F
System Memory
SDRAM (Up to 4MB)
SRAM (Up to 256KB)
Boot ROM/Flash
(Up to 1MB)
2.4 GHz Direct Sequence
Spread Spectrum
Figure 1. Example System Block Diagram
CS22220 Wireless PCMCIA Controller
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DS557PP2 Rev. 3.0

2 Features
Embedded ARM Core and System Support Logic
High performance ARM7TDMI RISC processor core up to 77MHz
4KB integrated, one-way set associative, unified, write through cache
Individual interrupt for each functional block
Two 23-bit programmable (periodic or one-shot) general purpose timers
8 Dword (32-bits) memory write and read buffers for high system performance
Abort cycle detection and reporting for debugging
ARM performance monitoring function for system fine-tuning
Programmable performance improvement logic based on system configuration
Enhanced Memory Controller Unit
Programmable memory controller unit supporting SDRAM /async SRAM/Boot ROM/Flash
16-bit data bus with 12-bit address supporting up to 4MB up to 103 MHz (100/133MHz SDRAM)
8-bit data bus with addressing support up to 1MB of boot ROM/Flash.
Programmable SDRAM timing and size parameters such as CAS latencies and number of
banks, columns, and rows
Flexible independent DMA engines for PCMCIA and digital radio functional units
FEC codec
High performance Reed-Solomon coding for error correction (255:239 block coding)
Reduces error probability of a typical 10e-3 error rate environment to 10e-9
Programmable rate FEC engine to optimize channel efficiency
Low latency, fully pipelined hardware encoding and decoding. Supports byte-wise single cycle
throughput up to 77MHz, with a sustain rate of 77MBps.
Double buffering (63 Dword read/write buffer) to enhance system performance
Digital Radio MAC Interface
Glue-less interface to 802.11b baseband transceivers
Up to 11Mbps data rates
32 Dword transmit/receive FIFO
Supports clear channel assessment (CCA)
Power Management
Host (PCMCIA) ACPI compliant
Programmable sleep timer for ARM core and system low power management
Independent power management control for individual functional units
Supports variable rate radio transmit, receive, and standby radio power modes
Clock and PLL Interface
Single 44MHz crystal oscillator reference clock
Internal PLL to generate internal and on board clocks
PCMCIA Interface
16 bit PCMCIA I/O target device supporting memory map or program I/O using 11 address bits
Independent DMA controller to transfer data between PCMCIA and main memory
Fully compliant with PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA 4.2 standard
Supports big endian and little endian (default) data formats
Supports custom mode for embedded applications where the interface becomes a generic
memory address/data interface
Chip Processing and Packaging
208 FPBGA package and 0.18um state of the art CMOS process
1.8 V core for low power consumption. 3.3V I/O - 5V tolerant I/O
CS22220 Wireless PCMCIA Controller
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DS557PP2 Rev. 3.0

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