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Part DCM302B
Description High Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass
Feature DCM302B-High Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass(2D Calibration) SPECIFICATIONS Item No.:DCM302B Descript.
Manufacture RION
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DCM302B-High Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass(2D Calibration) DCM302B Datasheet
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DCM302B-High Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass(2D Calibration)
Item No.DCM302B
DescriptionHigh Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass(2D Calibration)
Production implementation standard reference
● Enterprise quality system standards: ISO9001: 2008 standard (certification number: 128101)
● Tilt sensor production standards: GB / T 191 SJ 20873-2003 inclinometer general specification of Level
● Gyro accelerometer test standard: QJ 2318-92 Gyro accelerometer test methods
● Software development reference standard: GJB 2786A-2009 military software development General
● Product environmental testing standards: GJB150
● Electromagnetic anti-interference test standards: GB / T 17626

DCM302B-High Accuracy 3D Electronic Compass(2D Calibration)
General Description
DCM302B is a high precision 3D electronic compass using the 2D plane calibration algorithm, the
calibration no need 3D posture tilt , just flat-situ rotation a circle to complete the calibration process.
Using USA patented technology of hard magnetic and soft magnetic calibration algorithm, make the
compass eliminate the magnetic influence through calibration algorithm in the magnetic interference
environment ,DCM302B integrated three-axis fluxgate sensor, in real time solver heading through the
central processor, and using 3-axis accelerometer to proceed heading compensation for the wide range
tilt angle, to ensure the compass still can provide high-precision heading data when the tilt angle up to
±85°.Electronic compass integrated high-precision MCU control, various output mode, standard
interfaces including RS232/RS485/TTL and other interfaces, and accept other communication interface
DCM302B with small size, low power consumption, can be used for the antenna stability, vehicles,
systems integration and other more fields , high shock resistance, high reliability makes the compass
work properly in extremely harsh environments, and is more suitable for nowadays miniaturization
military high-precision measurement integrated control system.
●Heading accuracy:0.5°0.8°
●Tilt angle measuring range :±85°
●Tilt angle resolution: 0.1°
●Tilt angle accuracy: 0.1°
●Wide temperature : -40+85
●Size: L60×W59×H29mm
●With hard magnetic ,soft magnetic and angle compensation ●DC 5V power supply
●Standard RS232/RS485/TTL output interface
● IP 67 protection class
Application :
●Satellite antenna search satellite
●Marine navigation surveying and mapping
●GPS integrated navigation
●Antenna servo control
●Gun emission system
●Infrared imager
●Laser range finder
●Map for plotter
●ROV underwater robot navigation
●Oceanography measurement instruments
●Special occasion robot
●Unmanned aircraft

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