Current Transducer. THP12.5A Datasheet

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THP12.5A Datasheet
Recommendation THP12.5A Datasheet
Part THP12.5A
Description Current Transducer
Feature THP12.5A; Topstek Current Transducer THP5A .. THP50A THP 5A~50A Features iHighly reliable Hall Effect device.
Manufacture Topstek
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Topstek THP12.5A
Topstek Current Transducer THP5A .. THP50A
THP 5A~50A
iHighly reliable Hall Effect device
iCompact and light weight. Three sensors in one package
iFast response time
iExcellent linearity of the output voltage over a wide input range
iExcellent frequency response (> 50 kHz)
iLow power consumption (33 mA nominal)
iCapable of measuring both DC and AC, both pulsed and mixed
iHigh isolation voltage between the measuring circuit and the
current-carrying conductor (AC2.5KV)
iExtended operating temperature range
iFlame-Retardant plastic case and silicone encapsulate, using
www.DaUtaLSchlaesesti4fiUed.cmomaterials, ensures protection against
environmental contaminants and vibration over a wide
temperature and humidity range
iUPS systems
iIndustrial robots
iNC tooling machines
iElevator controllers
iProcess control devices
iAC and DC servo systems
iMotor speed controller
iElectrical vehicle controllers
iInverter-controlled welding machines
iGeneral and special purpose inverters
iPower supply for laser processing machines
iController for traction equipment e.g. electric trains
iOther automatic control systems
Symbol Unit 3A
Nominal Input Current
Ifn A DC 3
Linear Range
Ifs A DC ±9
Primary Wire Diameter
ijd mm 0.6
Nominal Output Voltage
Vhn V
Offset Voltage
Vos mV
Output Resistance
Hysteresis Error
Voh mV
Supply Voltage
Consumption Current
Response Time (90%Vhn)
Tr Psec
Response Performance
Frequency bandwidth (-3dB) fBW Hz
Thermal Drift of Output
Thermal Drift of
Zero Current Offset
Dielectric Strength
Isolation Resistance
@ 1000 VDC
Operating Temperature
- %/°C
- mV/°C
Ta °C
Storage Temperature
Ts °C
Mass W g
5A 7.5A 10A 15A 18.5A 20A 25A 30A 37.5A 50A
5 7.5 10 15 18.5 20 25 30 37.5 50
±15 ±22.5 ±30 ±45 ±56 ±60 ±75 ±90 ±113 ±150
0.8 1.0 1.2 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6x2 1.6x2
4 V±1% @ If=Ifn ( RL=10kȍ)
Within ±40 mV @ If=0, Ta=25°C
Within ±35 mV @ If=Ifnĺ0
±15V ±5%
Within ±1% of Ifn
±33 mA nominal, ±45 mA max
3 Psec max. @ d If /dt = Ifn / Psec
10% Overshoot max.
DC to 50kHz
Within ±0.1 %/°C @ Ifn
< ±2 mV/°C
AC2.5KV X 60 sec
>1000 Mȍ
-15°C to 80°C
-20°C to 85°C
26 g
- 52 -
THP V080201 7/1/2008

Topstek THP12.5A
Topstek Current Transducer THP5A .. THP50A
Appearance, dimensions and pin identification
All dimensions in mm ±0.2, holes –0, +0.2 except otherwise noted.
For models Ifn >30A primary wire=1.6ijx2
For models Ifn <=30A primary wire=0.6ij~1.6ijx1
Secondary pins 6x(0.5x0.25)
Primary 12x d
- 53 -
c ͸ΟΕ͑
d ͦ͜͢·͑
e ͦ͢͞·͑
f ·΀Ά΅͑͢
g ·΀Ά΅ͣ͑
h ·΀Ά΅ͤ͑
i ͺ͑͢͜
j ͺ͑͢͞
k ͺͣ͑͜
l ͺͣ͑͞
ل͢͢ ͑ ͺͤ͑͜
لͣ͢ ͑ ͺͤ͑͞
THP V080201 7/1/2008

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