Size Ideal. GP0115AA Datasheet

GP0115AA Ideal. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part GP0115AA
Description Ultra-Miniature Size Ideal
Feature New Product CN-0310 GP01 Series Ultra-Miniature Size Ideal for High Density Mounting Right Angle .
Manufacture NKK
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New Product CN-0310 GP01 Series Ultra-Miniature Size Ideal GP0115AA Datasheet
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New Product
GP01 Series
Ultra-Miniature Size
Ideal for High Density Mounting
Right Angle SMT Pushbuttons

Series GP01
Ultra-Miniature Right Angle SMT Pushbuttons
General Specifications
Electrical Capacity (Resistive Load)
Logic Level: 0.4VA maximum @ 28V AC/DC maximum
(Applicable Range 0.1mA ~ 0.1A @ 20mV ~ 28V)
Other Ratings
Contact Resistance: 80 milliohms maximum
Insulation Resistance: 500 megohms minimum @ 500V DC
Dielectric Strength: 500V AC minimum for 1 minute minimum
Mechanical Life: 40,000 operations minimum
Electrical Life: 40,000 operations minimum
Total Travel: .043” (1.1mm)
Materials & Finishes
Actuator/Plunger: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide
Case: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide
Moveable Contacts: Beryllium copper
Base: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide
Terminals: Brass with gold plating
Environmental Data
Operating Temperature Range: –40°C through +85°C (–40°F through +185°F)
Soldering: Manual Soldering: 390°C maximum for 4 seconds maximum
Reflow Soldering: Preheat temperature: 180°C ~ 200°C; Preheat time: 120 seconds; Heating
temperature: 230°C; Heating time: 60 seconds; Peak temperature (surface): 250°C.
Cleaning: These devices are not process sealed. Hand clean locally using alcohol based solution.
Note: After soldering, use caution to prevent mechanical stress on the terminal area and to
avoid warpage of the circuit board.
Distinctive Characteristics
Ultra-miniature size allows high density mounting and utilizes reduced space for surface mounting.
Greaseless condition contributes to resistance of harsh conditions,
including wider operating temperatures.
Cap and plunger are one unit, simplifying soldering and cleaning
processes and eliminating need to remove and replace the cap.
Plunger without cap is an alternate option.
Heat resistant resin used for housing, base and plunger allows
vapor phase and infrared convection reflow soldering.
Highly reliable gold plated contacts
A ctual S ize
provide stable contact performance throughout long term use.
J bend terminals lend to easy surface mounting and mechanical stability
during soldering and simplified solder joint inspection.
Remarkably precise coplanarity: all considered
surfaces lying between two parallel planes are
a maximum distance apart of .0039” (0.1mm).

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