FANS. PFR0912XHE-SP00 Datasheet

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PFR0912XHE-SP00 Datasheet

PFR0912XHE-SP00 Datasheet

Features Datasheet pdf Application Notice 1. Delta will not gua rantee the performance of the products if the application condition falls outs ide the parameters set forth in the spe cification. 2. A written request should be submitted to Delta prior to approva l if deviation from this specification is required. 3. Please exercise caution when handling fans. Damage may be caus ed when pressure is applied to the impe ller, if the fans are handled by the le ad wires, or if the fan was hard-droppe d to the production floor. 4. Except as pertains to some special designs, ther e is no guarantee that the products wil l be free from any such safety problems or failures as caused by the introduct ion of powder, droplets of water or enc roachment of insect into the hub. 5. Th e above-mentioned conditions are repres entative of some unique examples and vi ewed as the first point of reference pr ior to all other information. 6. It is very important to establish the correct polarity before connecting the fan to the power source. Positi.
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