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Part 8008
Description 8 Bit Parallel Central Processor Unit
Feature m(S'~8 Microcomputer Set 8008 8 Bit Parallel Central Processor Unit USERS MANUAL NOVEMBER 1973 REV..
Manufacture Intel
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m(S'~8 Microcomputer Set 8008 8 Bit Parallel Central Process 8008 Datasheet
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m(S'~8 Microcomputer Set
8 Bit Parallel
Central Processor Unit
REV. 4
Second Printing
C Intel Corp. 197J

The MCS-S™ parallel 8-bit microcomputer set is de-
signed for efficient handling of large volumes of data.
It has interrupt capability, operates synchronously or
asynchronously with external memory, and executes
subroutines nested up to seven levels. The 8008 CPU,
heart of the MCS-8, replaces 125 TTL packs. With it
you can easi Iy address up to 16k 8-bit words of ROM,
RAM or shift registers. Using bank switching techniques,
you can extend its memory indefinitely.
The PL/M™ High Level Language is an easy-to-Iearn,
systems oriented language derived from IBM's PL/I by
Intel for programming the MCS-8 and future 8-bit micro-
computers. It gives the microcomputer programmer the
same high level language advantages currently available
in mini and large computers. By actual tests, PL/M pro-
gramming and debugging requires less than 10% of the
time needed for assembly language. The PL/M compiler
is written in Fortran IV for time-share, and needs little
or no alteration for most general purpose computers.
Inteliec™S Development Systems provide flexible, inex-
pensive, and simplified methods for OEM product de-
velopment. They use RAM for program storage instead
of ROM, making program loading and modification
easier. The Intellec features are:
• Display and Control Console
• Standard DMA channel
• Standard software package
• Expandable memory and I/O
• TTY interface
• PROM programming capability
"The Intellec control panel is used for system monitoring
and debugging. These features and the many standard
Intellec modules add up to faster turn around and re-
duced costs for your product development.
And, There's More .....
Intel's Microcomputer Systems Group continues to de-
velop new design aids that make microcomputer system-
building easier. They will provide assistance in every
phase of your program development.
For additional information:
Microcomputer Systems Group
INTE L Corporation
3065 Bowers Avenue
Santa Clara, California 95051
Phone (408) 246-7501

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