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TH-42AS610M Datasheet
Recommendation TH-42AS610M Datasheet
Part TH-42AS610M
Description LED TV Operating Instructions
Feature TH-42AS610M; English Operating Instructions LED TV 32-inch model 42-inch model 50-inch model TH-32AS610G TH-50AS.
Manufacture Panasonic
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Panasonic TH-42AS610M
Operating Instructions
32-inch model
42-inch model
50-inch model
TH-32AS610G TH-50AS610K
TH-32AS610M TH-50AS610G
TH-42AS610K TH-50AS610M
For more detailed instructions, refer to [eHELP]
(Built-in Operating Instructions).
How to use [eHELP] (p. 12)
Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product.
Please read these instructions carefully before operating this product and
retain them for future reference.
The images shown in this manual are for illustrative purposes only.

Panasonic TH-42AS610M
Important Notice
Panasonic does not guarantee operation and
performance of peripheral devices made by other
manufacturers; and we disclaim any liability or damage
arising from operation and/or performance from usage of
such other maker’s peripheral devices.
(AS610K series)
(AS610M series)
For the information of the trademarks, refer to
[eHELP] (Support > Licence).
The illustration for TH-32AS610G is used in this
manual unless otherwise mentioned.
Illustrations shown may be different depending on
the model.
The recording and playback of content on this or any
other device may require permission from the owner
of the copyright or other such rights in that content.
Panasonic has no authority to and does not grant
you that permission and explicitly disclaims any right,
ability or intention to obtain such permission on your
behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use
of this or any other device complies with applicable
copyright legislation in your country. Please refer to that
legislation for more information on the relevant laws and
regulations involved or contact the owner of the rights in
the content you wish to record or playback.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent portfolio
license for the personal and non-commercial use of a
consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the
AVC Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC
Video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in
a personal and non-commercial activity and/or was
obtained from a video provider licensed to provide AVC
Video. No license is granted or shall be implied for any
other use.
Additional information may be obtained from MPEG LA,
See http://www.mpegla.com.
Be Sure to Read
Important Notice··················································· 2
Safety Precautions ··············································· 3
Quick Start Guide
Panasonic and its affiliates make no representations or
warranties of any kind with respect to the USB devices
and the performance of communication between the
USB devices and the USB port of Panasonic products,
and expressly disclaims any and all warranties, whether
express or implied or otherwise, including without
limitation any implied warranty of fitness for a particular
purpose, any loss of data, and any implied warranties
arising from course of dealing or course of performance
of data communication between the USB devices and
the USB port of Panasonic products.
Accessories ························································ 5
Connections ························································ 6
Identifying Controls··············································· 9
First time Auto Tuning···········································10
Transport only in upright position.
Using your VIERA
Operations ·························································11
How to Use eHELP··············································12
FAQs ································································13
Maintenance ······················································13
Specifications ·····················································14

Panasonic TH-42AS610M
Safety Precautions
Do not insert foreign objects into the TV through the
air vents.
To help avoid risk of electrical shock, fire, damage or
injury, please follow the warnings and cautions below:
Mains plug and lead
If you detect anything unusual,
immediately remove the mains
Mains plug types vary between
Do not use an unapproved pedestal / mounting
equipment. Be sure to ask your local Panasonic
dealer to perform the setup or installation of approved
wall-hanging brackets.
Do not apply strong force or impact to the display
Do not place the TV on sloped
or unstable surfaces, and
ensure that the TV does not
hang over the edge of the
This TV is designed for table-top use.
This TV is designed to operate on:
AS610G series: AC Single 220-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
AS610K series: AC Single 220-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
Do not expose the TV to direct
sunlight and other sources of
AS610M series: AC Auto 110-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
Insert the mains plug fully into the socket outlet.
To prevent the
Ensure that the mains plug is easily accessible.
Disconnect the mains plug when cleaning the TV.
Do not touch the mains plug with wet
spread of fire, keep
candles or other
open flames away
Do not damage the mains lead.
Do not place a heavy
object on the lead.
from this product at
all times
Dangerous part / Small object
Do not place the lead near
a high temperature object.
Do not pull on the lead.
Hold onto the mains plug
body when disconnecting
the plug.
This product contains possibly dangerous parts such
as plastic bags, that can be breathed in or swallowed
by young children accidentally. Keep these parts out
of reach of young children.
Do not move the TV with the lead plugged into a
socket outlet.
Do not twist the lead, bend it excessively or stretch
Do not use a damaged mains plug or socket outlet.
Ensure the TV does not crush the mains lead.
Do not use any mains lead other than that provided
with this TV.
Take care
Do not remove covers and never modify
the TV yourself as live parts are accessible
when they are removed. There are no user
serviceable parts inside.
Do not expose the TV to rain
or excessive moisture. This
TV must not be exposed to
dripping or splashing water
and objects filled with liquid,
such as vases, must not be
placed on top of or above
the TV.
Do not disassemble or modify the pedestal.
Do not use any pedestal other than the one provided
with this TV.
Do not use the pedestal if it becomes warped or
physically damaged. If this occurs, contact your
nearest Panasonic dealer immediately.
During setup, make sure that all screws are securely
Ensure that the TV does not suffer any impact during
installation of the pedestal.
Ensure that children do not climb onto the pedestal.
Install or remove the TV from the pedestal with at
least two people.
Install or remove the TV by the specified procedure.

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