socket motherboard. GA-M68M-S2P Datasheet

GA-M68M-S2P motherboard. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

GA-M68M-S2P Datasheet
Recommendation GA-M68M-S2P Datasheet
Part GA-M68M-S2P
Description AM2+/AM2 socket motherboard
Feature GA-M68M-S2P; GA-M68M-S2P AM2+/AM2 socket motherboard for AMD Phenom™ II processor/ AMD Phenom™ processor/ AMD Ath.
Manufacture GIGABYTE
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AM2+/AM2 socket motherboard for
AMD PhenomII processor/ AMD Phenomprocessor/
AMD AthlonII processor/ AMD Athlonprocessor/
AMD Sempronprocessor
User's Manual
Rev. 1001


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Identifying Your Motherboard Revision
The revision number on your motherboard looks like this: "REV: X.X." For example, "REV: 1.0"
means the revision of the motherboard is 1.0. Check your motherboard revision before updating
motherboard BIOS, drivers, or when looking for technical information.

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