IDT39C01C Datasheet, Equivalent, Microprocessor Slice.

4-Bit CMOS Microprocessor Slice

Part IDT39C01C
Description 4-Bit CMOS Microprocessor Slice
Feature MICROSLICETM PRODUCT FEATURES: • Low-power -Icc {max.} Military - 35mA Commercial - 30mA • Fast -IDT39COIC - meets 2901C speeds -IDT39COID - 20% speed upgrade -IDT39COI E - 40% speed upgrade • Eight-function ALU -Performs addition, two subtraction operations and five logic functions on two source operands • Expandable -Longer word lengths achieved through cascading any number of IDT39COls • Four status flags -Carry, overflow, negative and zero • Pin compatible and functionally equivalent to the 2901 A,B,C • Military product available 100% screened to MIL-STD-883, Class B DESCRIPTION: The IDT.
Manufacture IDT
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IDT39C01C   IDT39C01C

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