1N4614 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

1N4614 Datasheet, LOW CURRENT OPERATION AT 250 uA

1N4614   1N4614  

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• 1N4614-1THRU 1N4627-1 AVAILABLE IN J AN, JANTX, JANTXV AND JANS PER MIL-PRF- 19500/435 • LOW CURRENT OPERATION AT 250 µA • LOW REVERSE LEAKAGE AND LOW NOISE CHARACTERISTICS • DOUBLE PLUG CONSTRUCTION • METALLURGICALLY BONDED 1N4614 thru 1N4627 and 1N4614-1 thru 1N4627-1 MAXIMUM RATINGS Operating Tem perature: -65°C to +175°C DC Power Di ssipation: 500mW @ +50°C Power Deratin g: 4 mW / °C above +50°C Forward Volt age @ 200 mA: 1.1 Volts maximum * ELEC TRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ 25°C, unless otherwise specified. JEDEC TYPE NUMBE R NOMINAL ZENER VOLTAGE V @I Z ZT (Not e 1) VOLTS ZENER TEST CURRENT I ZT MA XIMUM ZENER IMPEDANCE Z @I ZT ZT (Note 2) M

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