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Part AT25XV021A
Description SPI Serial Flash Memory
Feature AT25XV021A 2-Mbit, 1.65V – 4.4V Range SPI Serial Flash Memory with Dual-I/O Support Features  Singl.
Manufacture Adesto
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2-Mbit, 1.65V – 4.4V Range
SPI Serial Flash Memory with Dual-I/O Support
Single 1.65V - 4.4V Supply
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Compatible
Supports SPI Modes 0 and 3
Supports Dual-I/O Operation
70MHz Maximum Operating Frequency
Clock-to-Output (tV) of 6 ns
Flexible, Optimized Erase Architecture for Code + Data Storage Applications
Small (256-Byte) Page Erase
Uniform 4-Kbyte Block Erase
Uniform 32-Kbyte Block Erase
Uniform 64-Kbyte Block Erase
Full Chip Erase
Hardware Controlled Locking of Protected Sectors via WP Pin
128-byte, One-Time Programmable (OTP) Security Register
64 bytes factory programmed with a unique identifier
64 bytes user programmable
Flexible Programming
Byte/Page Program (1 to 256 Bytes)
Dual-Input Byte/Page Program (1 to 256 Bytes)
Sequential Program Mode Capability
Fast Program and Erase Times
2ms Typical Page Program (256 Bytes) Time
45ms Typical 4-Kbyte Block Erase Time
360ms Typical 32-Kbyte Block Erase Time
720ms Typical 64-Kbyte Block Erase Time
Automatic Checking and Reporting of Erase/Program Failures
Software Controlled Reset
JEDEC Standard Manufacturer and Device ID Read Methodology
Low Power Dissipation
200nA Ultra Deep Power Down current (Typical)
5µA Deep Power-Down Current (Typical)
25uA Standby current (Typical)
3.5mA Active Read Current (Typical)
Endurance: 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles
Data Retention: 20 Years
Complies with Full Industrial Temperature Range
Industry Standard Green (Pb/Halide-free/RoHS Compliant) Package Options
8-lead SOIC (150-mil)
8-pad Ultra Thin DFN (2 x 3 x 0.6 mm)
8-pad Ultra Thin DFN (5 x 6 x 0.6 mm)
8-lead TSSOP Package
8-ball Wafer Level Chip Scale Package

1. Description
The Adesto® AT25XV021A is a serial interface Flash memory device for a wide variety of high-volume consumer and connected
applications. It can be operated using modern Lithium battery technologies over a wide input voltage range of 1.65V to 4.4V. It is
designed for:
systems in which program code is shadowed from Flash memory into embedded or external RAM (Code Shadow) for
where code is updated over the air,
where small amounts of data are stored locally in the flash memory.
The erase block sizes of the AT25XV021A have been optimized to meet the needs of today's code and data storage applications.
The device supports 256-byte Page erase, as well as 4-kbyte, 32-kbyte, and 64-kbyte block erase operations. By optimizing the
size of the erase blocks, the memory space can be used much more efficiently. This device’s innovative design features also
active interrupt (allowing the host to sleep during lengthy programming),
erase operations (allowing the memory device to wake the MCU when completed), as well as
optimized energy consumption and class-leading <200nA ultra-deep power-down modes.
The AT25XV021A is optimized for connected low-energy applications.
The device contains a specialized one-time programmable (OTP) security register that can be used for:
unique device serialization,
system-level Electronic Serial Number (ESN) storage, and
locked key storage.
It can even be adapted with the MCU firmware to create a USE-ONCE system applicable to disposable consumables.
Specifically designed for use in a wide variety of systems, the AT25XV021A supports read, program, and erase operations. No
separate voltage is required for programming and erasing.

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