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Part SM2480
Description Integrated N-PLC SCADA Controller
Feature SM2480 Integrated N-PLC SCADA Controller for Solar Micro-inverters and Smart Ballasts ADVANCE DATAS.
Manufacture Adesto
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Integrated N-PLC SCADA Controller
for Solar Micro-inverters and Smart Ballasts
Communication technology by:
Semitech Semiconductor
Dual core architecture with custom N-PLC optimized DSP and Data Link Layer 32bit controller
High speed PWM with 6 channels of outputs with programmable pairing modes and independent settings
4 comparators with independent references and programmable fault detection
16 channel Signal Monitoring ADC with simultaneous sampling of voltage/current pairs
High performing custom N-PLC DSP engine with embedded turnkey firmware featuring:
Configurable operational band within 5-500KHz range – compliant with CENELEC, FCC and ARIB bands
OFDM and FSK modulations
Compliant with IEEE 1901.2, PRIME, G3-PLC, CTIA/EIA709.2, G.hnem
Proprietary operation modes: NOFDM
Selectable differential and coherent BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK and coherent 16QAM modulations
Configurable data rate up to 500kbps
Programmable frequency notching to improve coexistence
Jammer cancellation
Adaptive tone mapping (on-off sub-band bit loading)
FEC – Convolutional, Reed-Salomon and Viterbi coding
Carrier RSSI, SNR and LQI indicators for best channel adaptation and L2/L3 metrics
Zero-crossing detector
Programmable 32bit RISC protocol engine featuring:
Data Link Layer firmware options compliant with IEEE 1901.2, G3-PLC, PRIME, IEC61334-4-32 and others
Direct access to Signal Monitoring ADC for SCADA algorithms implementation - Solar micro-inverter, Arc
detection, LED control, etc.
Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) channel access
Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ)
Meshing and self discovery mechanisms
CCM* with AES128 / AES256 encryption core
On-chip Peripheral Interfaces:
5 GPIO’s
SPI master for external flash
Up to 2 additional SPI slaves for metering, wireless transceiver or other devices
Seamless interface to an external line driver for optimal system performance:
Integrated A/D and D/A
Integrated OpAmp’s for RX and TX
Integrated PGA
Low power operation modes
Offline mode
Listen mode
Receive mode
Transmit mode
Adesto Technologies Confidential
For Release Only Under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

3.3V (5V tolerant) digital I/O
Receiver sensitivity of -80dBV
-40 °C to +105 °C temperature range
LQFP128 pin package
Single-chip grid connected signal controller ideal for solar inverters, smart lighting ballasts and other SCADA
applications reducing cost and simplifying the design
Flexible high-speed PWM and high precision dual ADC allowing simultaneous sampling of I/V values as well as fast
and flexible signal adjustments ideal for power-conversion applications
Programmable comparator triggered events for fault detection and handling
High speed, flexible and reliable communication through integrated programmable multi-mode N-PLC modem
supporting all common OFDM standards including full compliance with: IEEE 1901.2, G3-PLC, PRIME, G.hnem as
well as FSK/S-FSK and proprietary communication schemes
Low latency communication schemes
Cost optimized system solution with integrated A/D's, D/A's, OpAmp's, PGA
The SM2480 is a member of the SM24xx family that expands the SM2400 Narrowband Power Line Communication (N-
PLC) modem to a fully integrated Analog Controller with Grid connectivity. It is specifically targeted for applications such
as solar panel micro-inverters, smart LED controllers and other Grid-connected devices. For easy and cost effective
system design the SM2480 combines N-PLC connectivity with analog signal monitoring and control required by such
applications. As all the members of the SM24xx family, the SM2480 features a dual core architecture, dedicating one
core to the system control application and a second core to guarantee superior communication performance, while
maintaining flexibility and programmability for OFDM based standards and proprietary communication schemes. Both
cores are supported by full development systems to facilitate implementation of proprietary application specific control
and monitoring algorithms.
Solar micro-inverters and alternative energy management
Smart lighting control
Building automation (BA)
SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
Figure 0-1. SM2480 N-PLC SCADA Controller
Adesto Technologies Confidential: For Release Only Under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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