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Part CPT213B
Description Capacitive Touch Controller
Feature TouchXpress™ Family CPT213B Data Sheet The CPT213B device, part of the TouchXpress family, is desig.
Manufacture Silicon Laboratories
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TouchXpress™ Family
CPT213B Data Sheet
The CPT213B device, part of the TouchXpress family, is designed
to quickly add IEC 60730 Class B capacitive touch via an I2C in-
terface by eliminating the firmware complexity and reducing the
development time for capacitive sensing applications.
Supporting up to 13 capacitive sensor inputs in packages as small as a 4 mm x 4 mm
QFN, the CPT213B is a highly-integrated device that interfaces via I2C to the host pro-
cessor to provide a simple solution for adding capacitive touch. The device also comes
with advanced features like an IEC safety library and moisture immunity. No firmware de-
velopment is needed, and all the capacitive touch sense parameters can be configured
using a simple GUI-based configurator. By eliminating the need for complex firmware de-
velopment, the CPT213B device enables rapid user interface designs with minimal de-
velopment effort.
The CPT213B device is ideal for a wide range of capacitive touch applications including
the following:
• Home appliances
• White goods
• Instrument / Control panels
• Medical equipment
• Lighting control
• No firmware development required
• Simple GUI-based configurator
• 13 Capacitive Sensor inputs with
programmable sensitivity
• IEC-compliant I2C interface to
communicate to and configure from the
• IEC 60730 Class B safety library
• Superior noise immunity: SNR up to 270:1
• Moisture immunity
Capacitive Touch Sensing
Input Engine
13 Inputs
Profile for each
Lowest power mode with feature operational:
IEC Safety
I2C Output
I2C Event Buffer
Interrupt Pin | Building a more connected world.
Rev. 1.1

1. Feature List and Ordering Information
CPT213B Data Sheet
Feature List and Ordering Information
CP T 2 13 B A 01 G M R
Tape and Reel (Optional)
Package Type — QFN24 (M)
Temperature Grade — –40 to +85 °C (G)
Firmware Revision
Hardware Revision
Capacitive Sense Features — Button (B)
Number of Capacitive Sense Inputs
Interface Type — GPO (0), I2C (1), Configuration I2C (2)
TouchXpress Family
Silicon Labs Xpress Product Line
Figure 1.1. CPT213B Part Numbering
The CPT213B has the following features:
• Capacitive sensing input engine with 13 inputs
• Post-sample touch qualification engine
• IEC safety library
• Configuration profile space in non-volatile memory
• IEC-compliant I2C event buffer with interrupt pin to signal when new touch events have been qualified
• Configuration loading with both the dedicated configuration interface and through the I2C interface
Table 1.1. Product Selection Guide
Yes Yes
-40 to +85 °C
See for other devices available in the TouchXpress family. | Building a more connected world.
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