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Part GS9215
Description Single Synchronous Buck Converter
Feature NIKO-SEM GStek series High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter GS9215 Features  Adjust.
Manufacture NIKO-SEM
Total Page 18 Pages
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GStek series
High Performance Single Synchronous
Buck Converter
Adjustable Relative Constant on-time for fast
dynamic response
Programmable VOUT range = 0.7V~20V
VIN range = 3V~28V
Wide Output Load Range: 0 to 15A
1% reference accuracy over load and line
Low voltage DC current sense using low-side
RDS _ON_L Sensing or sense resistor
Resistor programmable frequency
Cycle-by-cycle current limit
3-Step Current Limit During Soft-start
Over-voltage/under-voltage fault protection
Low quiescent power dissipation
Power good indicator/ Power save option
Integrated gate drivers with fast transmission
Enable pin
Over temperature protection(Non-Latch)
TQFN40-5x5 Package
Green Product (RoHS, Lead-Free,
Halogen-Free Compliant)
Notebook computers
CPU core/IO Supplies
Chip/RAM Supplies
General Description
The GS9215 is small size chip with a relative
constant on-time synchronous buck converter
suitable for applications in notebook computers
and other battery operated portable devices.
Features include very wide input voltage range,
high efficiency and a fast dynamic response with
internal fast response scheme.
The GS9215 have a unique power save mode,
which can save battery power supply by
decreasing frequency when load current falls
down below preset critical current point.
The fast dynamic transient response means that
buck applications based on GS9215 will provide
about 100ns-order response to load when output
voltage falls down or rises up. The frequency will
increase or decrease to meet the change in
output load. Moreover, the GS9215 will take the
same method to regulate the output voltage when
input voltage changes. When transient response
regulated, the controller will maintain a new
steady-state operation. Both the transient
response state and the new state, the GS9215
always has the same on-time.
The GS9215 is suitable for the solutions which
have the output voltage between 0.7V and 20V.
An external setting resistor and output voltage
can set the on-time, duty-cycle and frequency for
the controller. The integrated gate drivers feature
adaptive shoot-through protection, fast signal
transmission. Additional features include current
limit, soft-start, over-voltage and under-voltage
protection, a Power Good flag and soft discharge
upon shutdown. The GS9215 is available in
package TQFN40-5x5.
This document is NIKO-SEM's confidential information. Anyone having confidential obligation to NIKO-SEM shall keep this document confidential. Any
unauthorized disclosure or use beyond authorized purpose will be considered as violation of confidentiality and criminal and civil liability will be asserted.
Rev.:0P12 (Preliminary Specification)
GStek series

GStek series
High Performance Single Synchronous
Buck Converter
Typical Application
Figure 1a Typical Application of GS9215 for VOUT<2.5V
Figure 1b Typical Application of GS9215 for VOUT>2.5V
Rev.:0P12 (Preliminary Specification)
GStek series

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