32-bit MCU. S9KEAZN32AMLC Datasheet

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Description 32-bit MCU
Feature NXP Semiconductors Data Sheet: Technical Data Document Number S9KEA64P64M20SF0 Rev. 6, 10/2019 KEA.
Manufacture NXP
Total Page 30 Pages
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NXP Semiconductors
Data Sheet: Technical Data
Document Number S9KEA64P64M20SF0
Rev. 6, 10/2019
KEA64 Sub-Family Data
Supports the following:
Key features
• Operating characteristics
– Voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
– Flash write voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
– Temperature range (ambient): -40 to 125°C
• Performance
– Up to 40 MHz Arm® Cortex-M0+ core and up to 20
MHz bus clock
– Single cycle 32-bit x 32-bit multiplier
– Single cycle I/O access port
• Memories and memory interfaces
– Up to 64 KB flash
– Up to 256 B EEPROM
– Up to 4 KB RAM
• Clocks
– Oscillator (OSC) - supports 32.768 kHz crystal or 4
MHz to 20 MHz crystal or ceramic resonator; choice
of low power or high gain oscillators
– Internal clock source (ICS) - internal FLL with
internal or external reference, 31.25 kHz pre-
trimmed internal reference for 40 MHz system and
core clock.
– Internal 1 kHz low-power oscillator (LPO)
• System peripherals
– Power management module (PMC) with three power
modes: Run, Wait, Stop
– Low-voltage detection (LVD) with reset or interrupt,
selectable trip points
– Watchdog with independent clock source (WDOG)
– Programmable cyclic redundancy check module
– Serial wire debug interface (SWD)
– Bit manipulation engine (BME)
• Security and integrity modules
– 64-bit unique identification (ID) number per chip
• Human-machine interface
– Up to 57 general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
– Up to 22 general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
– Up to 14 general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
– Two up to 8-bit keyboard interrupt modules (KBI)
– External interrupt (IRQ)
• Analog modules
– One up to 16-channel 12-bit SAR ADC, operation in
Stop mode, optional hardware trigger (ADC)
– Two analog comparators containing a 6-bit DAC
and programmable reference input (ACMP)
• Timers
– One 6-channel FlexTimer/PWM (FTM)
– Two 2-channel FlexTimer/PWM (FTM)
– One 2-channel periodic interrupt timer (PIT)
– One real-time clock (RTC)
• Communication interfaces
– Two SPI modules (SPI)
– Up to three UART modules (UART)
– One I2C module (I2C)
NXP reserves the right to change the production detail specifications as may be
required to permit improvements in the design of its products.

• Package options
– 64-pin LQFP
– 32-pin LQFP
KEA64 Sub-Family Data Sheet, Rev. 6, 10/2019
2 NXP Semiconductors

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