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Part JN5174
Description IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller
Feature JN517x JN517x IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller Rev. 3.0 — 7 November 2017 Product data sheet .
Manufacture NXP
Total Page 30 Pages
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IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller
Rev. 3.0 — 7 November 2017
Product data sheet
1. General description
The JN517x series is a range of ultra low power, high performance wireless
microcontrollers suitable for ZigBee applications to facilitate the development of Smart
Home and Smart Lighting applications. It features a high-performance and low-power
ARM Cortex-M3 processor with debug with programmable clock speeds. The JN517x
devices are available in JN5174, JN5178 and JN5179 variants, respectively having 160
kB, 256 kB and 512 kB of embedded Flash memory as well as 32 kB of RAM and 4 kB of
EEPROM. The embedded Flash can support “Over-The-Air” code download of software
stacks. Radio transmit power is configurable up to +10 dBm output. The very-low receive
operating current (down to 12.7 mA and with a 0.6 A sleep timer mode) gives excellent
battery life allowing operation direct from a coin cell. The JN517x also includes a 2.4 GHz
“IEEE802.15.4 compliant” transceiver and a comprehensive mix of analog and digital
The JN517x is ideal for battery-operated applications supported through the
comprehensive power-saving modes available in the device. The on-chip peripherals,
which include a fail-safe I2C-bus, SPI-bus ports (both master and slave), and a
six-channel analog-digital converter with internal temperature sensor support a wide
range of applications directly without extra hardware.
2. Features and benefits
2.1 Benefits
Very low current solution for long battery life: over 10 years
Very low receive current for low standby power of receiver always on nodes
Integrated power amplifier for long range and robust communication
Large embedded Flash memory to enable Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware updates
without external Flash memory
Single chip device to run communication stack and application
Supports multiple network stacks
Peripherals customized for lighting applications
System BOM is low in component count and cost
Flexible sensor interfacing
6 6 mm HVQFN40, 0.5 mm pitch
lead-free and RoHS compliant
Temperature range: 40 C to +125 C

NXP Semiconductors
IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller
2.2 Radio features
2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant Ref. 1
Receive current 14.8 mA, in low-power receive mode 12.7 mA
Receiver sensitivity 96 dBm
Configurable transmit power, for reduced current consumption, for example:
10 dBm, 22.5 mA
8.5 dBm, 19.6 mA
3 dBm, 14 mA
Radio link budget 106 dB
Maximum input level of +10 dBm
Compensation for temperature drift of crystal oscillator frequency
2.0 V to 3.6 V battery operation
Antenna diversity (Auto RX)
Integrated ultra-low-power sleep oscillator (0.6 A)
100 nA deep sleep current with wake-up from external event
128-bit AES security processor
MAC accelerator with packet formatting, CRCs, address check, auto-acks, timers
2.3 Microcontroller features
ARM Cortex-M3 CPU with debug support
JN5174: 160 kB/32 kB/4 kB (Flash/RAM/EEPROM)
JN5178: 256 kB/32 kB/4 kB (Flash/RAM/EEPROM)
JN5179: 512 kB/32 kB/4 kB (Flash/RAM/EEPROM)
OTA firmware upgrade capability
32 MHz clock selectable down to 1 MHz for low-power operation
Dual PAN ID support
Fail-safe I2C-bus interface. operates as either master or slave
8 Timers (6 PWM and 2 timer/counters)
2 low-power sleep counters
2 UART, one with flow control
SPI-bus master and slave port, 2 simultaneous selects
Variable instruction width for high coding efficiency
Multi-stage instruction pipeline
Data EEPROM with guaranteed 100 k write operations
Supply voltage monitor with 8 programmable thresholds
Battery voltage and temperature sensors
6-input 10-bit ADC
Analog comparator
Digital monitor for ADC
Watchdog timer and POR
Low-power modes controller
Up to 18 Digital IO (DIO) and 2 digital outputs pins
Product data sheet
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Rev. 3.0 — 7 November 2017
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