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Part MC33PT2001
Description Programmable solenoid controller
Feature MC33PT2001 Programmable solenoid controller Rev. 7 — 5 November 2019 Product short data sheet 1 Ge.
Manufacture NXP
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Programmable solenoid controller
Rev. 7 — 5 November 2019
Product short data sheet
1 General description
The PT2001 is a SMARTMOS programmable gate driver IC for solenoid control in
automotive application. The typical application is engine control. A wide range of system
configurations is also supported.
The general architecture comprises the combination of a set of programmable
microcores, integrated high-side (x5), and low-side (x7) predrivers for discrete logic level
MOSFETs, end of injection detection and means for diagnostics and protection against
external faults. Both battery voltage and booster voltage level high-side configurations
are supported. The chip communicates with the main controller through an SPI bus and a
flexible set of direct interface signals.
The main characteristics of this component are:
The programmable architecture: the four dedicated microprocessor cores optimized to
control power MOSFETs with small latency time. Thus a high level of flexibility during
design and at runtime can be achieved.
The high level of integration: all interfaces are designed to use as few external
components as possible.
2 Features and benefits
Programmable integrated End-of-Injection (EOI) measurement function
Outputs configurable into 2-bank operation
Five high-side / seven low-side predrivers:
PWM frequency: 100 kHz
Four programmable slew rates: 12.5 V/μs to 300 V/μs
Flexible current profile management through four programmable microcores running at
6 MHz
Automatic freewheeling control
Programmable integrated diagnostics:
Independent DRVEN pin for safety
ISO 26262 compliant development
Embedded encryption for microcode protection
16-bit SPI control with IRQB plus three interrupt flags
36 V tolerant digital IOs

NXP Semiconductors
3 Simplified application diagram
Programmable solenoid controller
Figure 1. Simplified application diagram
4 Applications
Automotive (12 V), truck and industrial (24 V) powertrain
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
Diesel Direct Injection (DDI)
CNG / LNG engines
Variable Valve Actuators (VVA)
Active suspension systems
Transmission solenoid drivers (CVT, DCT, AT)
Product short data sheet
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Rev. 7 — 5 November 2019
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