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Part MC33HB2000
Description SPI programmable brushed DC motor driver
Feature MC33HB2000 10 A H-bridge, SPI programmable brushed DC motor driver Rev. 8 — 24 February 2020 Prod.
Manufacture NXP
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10 A H-bridge, SPI programmable brushed DC motor driver
Rev. 8 — 24 February 2020
Product data sheet
1 General description
The MC33HB2000 is a SMARTMOS monolithic H-Bridge Power IC, enhanced with SPI
configurability and diagnostic capabilities. It is designed primarily for DC motor or servo
motor control applications within the specified current and voltage limits.
The MC33HB2000 is able to control inductive loads with peak currents greater than 10 A.
The nominal continuous average load current is 3.0 A. A current mirror output provides
an analog feedback signal proportional to the load current.
This part is designed to specifically address the ISO 26262 safety requirements. It meets
the stringent requirements of automotive applications and is fully AEC-Q100 grade 1
2 Simplified application diagram
Figure 1. Simplified application diagram
3 Features and benefits
Advanced diagnostic reporting via a serial peripheral interface (SPI): charge pump
undervoltage, overvoltage, and undervoltage on VPWR, short to ground and short
to VPWR for each output, open load, temperature warning and overtemperature
Thermal management: Excellent thermal resistance of <1.0 °C/W between junction and
case (exposed pad)
Eight selectable slew rates via the SPI: 0.25 V/μs to more than 16 V/μs for EMI and
thermal performance optimization

NXP Semiconductors
10 A H-bridge, SPI programmable brushed DC motor driver
Four selectable current limits via the SPI: 5.4/7.0/8.8/10.7 A covering a wide range of
Three package sizes available in SOIC, PQFN and HVQFN to meet footprint and
application requirement
Can be operated without SPI with default slew rate of 2.0 V/μs and a 7.0 A current limit
Highly accurate real-time current feedback through a current mirror output signal with
less than 5.0 % error
Drives inductive loads in a full H-bridge or Half-bridge configuration
Overvoltage protection places the load in high-side recirculation (braking) mode with
notification in H-bridge mode
Wide operating range: 5.0 V to 28 V operation
Low RDS(on) integrated MOSFETs: Maximum of 235 mΩ (TJ = 150 °C) for each
Internal protection for overtemperature, undervoltage, and short-circuit by signaling the
error condition and disabling the outputs
I/O pins can withstand up to 36 V
AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified
4 Applications
Electronic throttle control
Exhaust gas recirculation control (EGR)
Turbo, swirl and whirl and waste flap control
Electric pumps, motor control and auxiliaries
5 Ordering information
This section describes the part numbers available to be purchased along with their
Table 1. Orderable parts
Part number [1]
Operating temperature
TA = –40 °C to 125 °C
TJ = –40 °C to 150 °C
28-pin HVQFN exposed pad
32-pin SOICW exposed pad
32-pin PQFN exposed pad
[1] To order parts in tape and reel, add the R2 suffix to the part number.
Valid orderable part numbers are provided on the web. To determine the orderable part
numbers for this device, go to and perform a part number search.
Product data sheet
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Rev. 8 — 24 February 2020
© NXP B.V. 2020. All rights reserved.
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