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Part MPC5746C
Description Microcontroller
Feature NXP Semiconductors Data Sheet: Technical Data Document Number MPC5746C Rev. 6, 11/2018 MPC5746C Mi.
Manufacture NXP
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NXP Semiconductors
Data Sheet: Technical Data
Document Number MPC5746C
Rev. 6, 11/2018
MPC5746C Microcontroller
• 1 × 160 MHz Power Architecture® e200z4 Dual issue,
32-bit CPU
– Single precision floating point operations
– 8 KB instruction cache and 4 KB data cache
– Variable length encoding (VLE) for significant code
density improvements
• 1 x 80 MHz Power Architecture® e200z2 Single issue,
32-bit CPU
– Using variable length encoding (VLE) for
significant code size footprint reduction
• End to end ECC
– All bus masters, for example, cores, generate a
single error correction, double error detection
(SECDED) code for every bus transaction
– SECDED covers 64-bit data and 29-bit address
• Memory interfaces
– 3 MB on-chip flash memory supported with the
flash memory controller
– 3 x flash memory page buffers (3-port flash memory
– 384 KB on-chip SRAM across three RAM ports
• Clock interfaces
– 8-40 MHz external crystal (FXOSC)
– 16 MHz IRC (FIRC)
– 128 KHz IRC (SIRC)
– 32 KHz external crystal (SXOSC)
– Clock Monitor Unit (CMU)
– Frequency modulated phase-locked loop (FMPLL)
– Real Time Counter (RTC)
• System Memory Protection Unit (SMPU) with up to 32
region descriptors and 16-byte region granularity
• 16 Semaphores to manage access to shared resources
• Interrupt controller (INTC) capable of routing
interrupts to any CPU
• Crossbar switch architecture for concurrent access to
peripherals, flash memory, and RAM from multiple
bus masters
• 32-channel eDMA controller with multiple transfer
request sources using DMAMUX
• Boot Assist Flash (BAF) supports internal flash
programming via a serial link (SCI)
• Analog
– Two analog-to-digital converters (ADC), one 10-bit
and one 12-bit
– Three analog comparators
– Cross Trigger Unit to enable synchronization of
ADC conversions with a timer event from the
eMIOS or from the PIT
• Communication
– Four Deserial Serial Peripheral Interface (DSPI)
– Four Serial Peripheral interface (SPI)
– 16 serial communication interface (LIN) modules
– Eight enhanced FlexCAN3 with FD support
– Four inter-IC communication interface (I2C)
– ENET complex (10/100 Ethernet) that supports
Multi queue with AVB support, 1588, and MII/
– Dual-channel FlexRay controller
• Audio
– Synchronous Audio Interface (SAI)
– Fractional clock dividers (FCD) operating in
conjunction with the SAI
• Configurable I/O domains supporting FlexCAN,
LINFlexD, Ethernet, and general I/O
• Supports wake-up from low power modes via the
WKPU controller
• On-chip voltage regulator (VREG)
• Debug functionality
– e200z2 core:NDI per IEEE-ISTO 5001-2008
– e200z4 core: NDI per IEEE-ISTO 5001-2008 Class
NXP reserves the right to change the production detail specifications as may be
required to permit improvements in the design of its products.

• Timer
– 16 Periodic Interrupt Timers (PITs)
– Two System Timer Modules (STM)
– Three Software Watchdog Timers (SWT)
– 64 Configurable Enhanced Modular Input Output Subsystem (eMIOS) channels
• Device/board boundary Scan testing supported with Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) of IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.7
• Security
– Hardware Security Module (HSMv2)
– Password and Device Security (PASS) supporting advanced censorship and life-cycle management
– One Fault Collection and Control Unit (FCCU) to collect faults and issue interrupts
• Functional Safety
– ISO26262 ASIL-B compliance
• Multiple operating modes
– Includes enhanced low power operation
MPC5746C Microcontroller Datasheet, Rev. 6, 11/2018
NXP Semiconductors

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