CXP5076 Datasheet, Equivalent, Chip Microcomputer.

CMOS 4-bit Single Chip Microcomputer

Part CXP5076
Description CMOS 4-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
Feature CXP5076/5078 CMOS 4-bit Single Chip Microcomputer For the availability of this product, please contact the sales office. Description CXP5076/5078 is a CMOS 4-bit microcomputer which consists of 4-bit CPU, ROM, RAM, I/O port, 8-bit timer, 8-bit timer/counter, 18-bit time base timer, 8-bit serial I/O, vector interruption, power on reset function, liquid crystal displayer (LCD) controller/driver, D/A conversion 14-bit PWM output port, a remote control reception circuit with noise eliminating circuit, 3-bit A/D converters, a 32kHz timer/event counter and a power supply voltage detection reset func.
Manufacture Sony Corporation
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CXP5076   CXP5076

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