CXP84500 Datasheet, Equivalent, Chip Microcomputer.

CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer

Part CXP84500
Description CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer
Feature CXP84500 CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Description The CXP84500 is a CMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer of piggyback/evaluator combined type, which is developed for evaluating the function of the CXP84540/84548. Piggyback/ evaluator 80 pin PQFP (Ceramic) Features • A wide instruction set (213 instructions) which covers verious types of data. – 16-bit operation/multiplication and division/Boolean bit operation instructions • Minimum instruction cycle 143ns at 28MHz operation (4.5 to 5.5V) 200ns at 20MHz (3.0 to 5.5V) • Applicable EPROM LCC type 27C512 (Maximum 60K bytes are availabl.
Manufacture Sony Corporation
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CXP84500   CXP84500

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