SN66090 Datasheet, Equivalent, Speech Controller.

4-Channel Speech Controller

Part SN66090
Description 4-Channel Speech Controller
Feature SN66090 4-Channel Speech Controller „ INTRODUCTION SN66090 is a 90 seconds single chip 4-channel voice synthesizer IC which contains I/O ports and a tiny controller. By programming through the tiny controller, user’s applications including section combination, trigger modes, output status, high performance melody, multiple voices, and other logic functions can be implemented. „ FEATURES Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Single power supply 2.4V – 5.1V Built in a tiny controller 90 seconds voice capacity are provided One 4-bit input port, two 4-bit I/O ports and one 4-bit output port are provided.
Manufacture SONiX Technology Company
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SN66090   SN66090

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