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Infineon Technologies AG PBA31302
B l u e t o o t h TM
Radio Transceiver
The Bluetooth Radio PBA 313 02/1 from Infineon
Technologies is a long-range microwave frequency
radio transceiver for Bluetooth communication
Provided in a compact LGA package, the
PBA 313 02/1 is intended primarily for embedded
applications and applications requiring a flexible
form factor. No external shield is required. This
solution enables extremely low height
With the addition of only an antenna, a reference
frequency crystal, and digital control functionality,
the PBA 313 02/1 forms a complete radio. As a
result, designers can benefit from a pre-tested and
ready-to-use device, providing a robust Bluetooth
Radio function in the final OEM application.
The Bluetooth Radio offers a combination of com-
pact size, low power consumption, and cost effec-
tive assembly – with the radio IC and some major
components of the radio integrated into the circuit.
This makes it ideal for Bluetooth communications
in both mobile and stationary applications.
The PBA 313 02/1 is built around a BiCMOS ASIC,
and the antenna filter, RX and TX baluns are all
integrated into the circuit.
Key Features
RF output power class 1
Compliant with Bluetooth specification 1.1
Forms a complete radio with only
– an antenna
– a 10–20 MHz reference frequency
On board output power control
Small outline LGA-package (11.8×11.8×1.6 mm)
Requires no external shielding
Requires no external RF design
Access points
Mobile phones
Note: The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG,
Inc. and used by Infineon Technologies under license.
PBA 313 02/1
R a d i o Tr a n s c e i ve r
Never stop thinking.

PBA31302 Datasheet
Recommendation PBA31302 Datasheet
Part PBA31302
Description Bluetooth Radio Transceiver
Feature PBA31302; P R O D U C T B l u e t o o t h TM Radio Transceiver The Bluetooth Radio PBA 313 02/1 from Infineon .
Manufacture Infineon Technologies AG
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Infineon Technologies AG PBA31302
Key data
Frequency range
Reference clock frequency
Receiver sensitivity level
Output power
Supply Voltage VCC
Supply Voltage VCC_PA
Maximum Temperature range
PBA 313 02 is a long-range microwave frequency radio trans-
ceiver for Bluetooth communication links that are designed to
operate in the globally available unlicensed ISM frequency
band, 2.4–2.5 GHz.
Fast frequency hopping (1600 channel hops/s) with 79 chan-
nels (2.402 to 2.480 GHz) and a maximum TX & RX bit rate of
1 Mbit/s.
The implemented modulation technique is Gaussian Fre-
quency Shift Keying (GFSK) with a BT product of 0.5. The
channel bandwidth is 1 MHz and the frequency deviation is
between 140 and 175 kHz.
Operating from a 2.8 V supply voltage, the device has a typical
supply current requirement of only 60 mA (receive mode) or
150 mA (transmit mode), thus helping to extend battery life for
portable equipment.
A standby mode provides further power savings.
Control interface
Operating together with a Bluetooth Baseband using Bluetooth
Core from Ericsson is recommended.
Antenna interface
50 Ohm Bluetooth ISM band antenna (2.4-2.5 GHz).
The Bluetooth Radio is built around a BiCMOS ASIC. Antenna
filter, RX and TX baluns are all integrated into the ceramic
Ordering information
The Bluetooth Radio from Infineon Technologies may be
ordered as: PBA 313 02/1.
How to reach us:
Published by
Infineon Technologies AG,
St.-Martin-Strasse 53,
81669 München
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