TDA7253 Datasheet, Equivalent, 8W AMPLIFIER.


Part TDA7253
Description 8W AMPLIFIER
Feature TDA7253 8W AMPLIFIER WITH MUTING WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 8W @ VS=26V, RL = 8Ω, THD=10% MUTE FACILITY (POP FREE) WITH LOW CONSUMPTION AC SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION (150°C) DESCRIPTION The TDA7253 is class AB audio power amplifier assembled in the new Clipwatt package. Clipwatt11 APPLICATION CIRCUIT R7 820 = MUTE SW CSVR 100µF 1 11 C2 IN (L) 3 +VS C4 0.1µF 9 10 2 C5 470 µF TDA7253 8 C11 1000µF R3 1.5K R4 47 100nF 27K 7 6 4 CF 47µ F D94AU130 C9 0.1µF R6 4.7 RL May 1997 1/5 TDA7253 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VS IO IO Ptot Top Tstg,Tj Supply Voltage Outp.
Manufacture ST Microelectronics
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TDA7253   TDA7253

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TDA7253 Datasheet



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