Ceramic Capacitor. CL21C220 Datasheet

CL21C220 Capacitor. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Part CL21C220
Description Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
Feature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor ■ INTRODUCTION MLCC(Multilayer Ceramic Ca.
Manufacture Samsung
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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
MLCC(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) is SMD(Surface Mounted Device) type capacitor that is used
in wide ranges of capacitance. MLCC is paid more attentions than other capacitors due to the
better frequency characteristics, higher reliability, higher withstanding voltage and so on.
MLCC is made of many layers of ceramic and inner electrodes like sandwich. Pd was used for
inner electrodes. But the price of Pd was skyrocketed and Pd was replaced by the BME(Base
Metal Electrode), which reduced the total cost of MLCC.
This inner electrode is connected to outer termination for surface mounting, which is composed of
three layers, Cu or Ag layer, Ni plating layer, and SnPb or Sn plating layer. Most of MLCCs
become Pb free by the environmental issue at present.
MLCC is divided into two classes. Class I(C0G, etc) is the temperature compensating type. It has
a small TCC(Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance) and a better frequency performance.
Therefore, it is used in RF applications such as cellular phone, tuner, and so on. Class II(X7R,
X5R, Y5V, etc) is the high dielectric constant type, which is used in general electronic circuit.
Especially high capacitance MLCC is replacing other capacitors (Tantalum and Aluminum
capacitor) due to the low ESR(Equivalent Series Resistance) value.
- Miniature Size
- Wide Capacitance and Voltage Range
- Highly Reliable Performance
- Tape & Reel for Surface Mount Assembly
- Low ESR
- High Q at High Frequencies
- Stable Temperature Dependence of Capacitance
- High Frequency Circuit(Tuner, VCO, PAM etc)
- General Power Supply Circuit(SMPS etc)
- DC-DC Converter
- General Electronic Circuit

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