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Part MT9V022
Description Image Sensor
Feature MT9V022 Introducing a CMOS Image Sensor Specifically Designed for Automotive Scene-Understanding Sys.
Manufacture Micron
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Introducing a CMOS Image Sensor Specifically Designed
for Automotive Scene-Understanding Systems
Finally, an Image Sensor Supplier
for the Automotive Industry
Micron recognizes the automotive industry requires
specialized parts and dedicated resources. For more
than 25 years, we’ve built high-quality semiconduc-
tors for a range of markets and applications. And
we’ve never expected our customers to compromise.
That’s why we’re proud to introduce Micron’s new
MT9V022, our CMOS image sensor designed exclu-
sively for the demanding automotive environment.
The MT9V022 provides global shutter, a high frame
rate, near infrared sensitivity, and the ability to
synchronize cameras in stereovision systems. Most
importantly, it performs superbly under low-light
and bright-light conditions, and in extremely low
to very high temperatures. We’ve developed this
sensor with the help of numerous automotive sub-
system suppliers, so Micron’s MT9V022 fits many
automotive processing applications.
Keys to Superior Performance
in the Harsh Automotive Environment
The automotive environment can be severe. But,
unlike sensors designed for digital cameras and
cell phones, Micron’s MT9V022 automotive sensor
continues to provide clear images under a range of
Extended light sensitivity. The MT9V022 boasts
a 110dB+ dynamic range. This enables the sensor
to capture scenes containing both low light levels
(down to sub-0.1 lux!) and direct sunlight.
Wide temperature range. The MT9V022 func-
tions brilliantly at -40°C to +85°C, and withstands
temperatures up to +125°C. See for yourself the
strength of this high-performance sensor. View
actual photos taken with it on the back of this flyer.
Scene-Understanding Applications
Smart air bag deployment
Occupant identification and classification
Biometric identification/security
Drowsiness detection
Vehicle and contents theft identification
Lane tracking and departure warning
Adaptive cruise control
Blind spot detection
Windshield wiper control
High beam dimming
Collision avoidance/pedestrian protection
Active suspension
Drive-by wire
We Design and Manufacture,
You Enjoy Greater Responsiveness
With Micron, you get more than just design exper-
tise. You gain the advantages of in-house fabrica-
tion. This means we control the parts we manufac-
ture, making us more responsive to our customers’
needs. Our design and manufacturing facilities
in Asia, Europe, and the United States provide in-
creased capacity and enable us to better serve you
no matter where you do business.
Get All the Facts
Call us at 208-368-3900 to discuss all the advan-
tages of Micron’s automotive-specific MT9V022.
And ask about our full line of automotive products,
including industrial temperature DRAM, Q-Flash®
and NAND Flash memory, and our MT9V111 image
sensor for automotive display applications.

Pixel Size:
6µm x 6µm
Array Format
750H x 480V
Imaging Area: 4.55mm x 2.97mm
Color Filter Array: Monochrome or RGB Bayer
color filters
Optical Format: 1/3-inch
Frame Rate:
60 fps @ 750H X 480V,
higher frame rates at
lower resolutions
Dynamic Range: 75dB–110dB+
integrate and readout
global shutter
Data Format:
Parallel/LVDS (serial),
10 to 8 bits
Window Size:
Programmable to any size
(e.g., QVGA, CIF, QCIF, etc.)
Scan Mode:
Progressive or interlaced
Automatic and
Regionally weighted exposure,
black level offset correction,
horizontal blanking, vertical
blanking, defect identification
and correction, lighting
control, left-right and top-
bottom image reversal,
windowing, regional gain,
image decimation
Images Shot at +35˚C
30,000 lux
2 lux
10-, 8-bit, selectable
Data Rate:
26.6 megapixels per second
(master clock, 26 MHz)
2.0 V/lux-sec (550nm)
sub-0.1 lux (mono), 5 lux
Detectable Light: (color)
Saturation Signal: 30k+
0.5%, 0%–100% of full well
Dark Current:
<10% of saturation signal
at +85°C
Spectral Range: 450nm–1,050nm
>40% (@ 850nm)
Conversion Gain: 30 uV/e-
Pixel Read Noise: <25e-
Supply Voltage: 3.0V–3.6V (3.3V nominal)
Temp. Range:
Storage Temp.
<150mW (@ 60 fps),
<100µW standby
-40°C to +85°C
-40°C to +125°C
52-ball iBGA, wafer or die,
Images Shot at +85˚C
30,000 lux
2 lux
Products are warranted only to meet Micron’s production data
sheet specifications. Products and specifications are subject to
change without notice.
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