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Part BL0955
Description Single Phase Energy Metering IC
Feature BL0955 Single-Phase Energy MeteringIC (compatible with AD7755) GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The BL0955 is a.
Manufacture Shanghai Belling
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BL0955 Single-Phase Energy MeteringIC (compatible with AD775 BL0955 Datasheet
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mBL0955 Single-Phase Energy MeteringIC
o(compatible with AD7755)
et4The BL0955 is a high accuracy electrical energy measurement IC. The part specifications surpass
ethe accuracy requirements as quoted in the IEC1036 standard. See Analog DevicesApplication
hNote AN-559 for a description of an IEC1036 watt-hour meter reference design.
tasThe only analog circuitry used in the BL0955 is in the ADCs and reference circuit. All other
asignal processing (e.g., multiplication and filtering) is carried out in the digital domain.
.dThis approach provides superior stability and accuracy over extremes in environmental
conditions and over time.
wwThe BL0955 supplies average real power information on the low frequency outputs F1 and
wF2. These logic outputs may be used to directly drive an electromechanical counter
or interface to an MCU. The CF logic output gives instantaneous real power
information. This output is intended to be used for calibration purposes, or
interfacing to an MCU.
The BL0955 includes a power supply monitoring circuit on the AVDD supply pin. The BL0955 will remain in a
reset condition until the supply voltage on AVDD reaches 4 V. If the supply falls below 4 V, the BL0955 will
also be reset and no pulses will be issued on F1, F2 and CF.
Internal phase matching circuitry ensures that the voltage and current channels are phase matched whether
the HPF in Channel 1 is on or off. An internal no-load threshold ensures that the BL0955 does not exhibit any
creep when there is no load.
The BL0955 is available in 24-lead DIP and SSOP packages.
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BL0955 Single-Phase Energy MeteringIC
(compatible with AD7755)
.High Accuracy, Supports 50 Hz/60 Hz IEC 687/1036 Less than 0.1% Error Over a Dynamic Range
of 500 to 1
.The BL0955 Supplies Average Real Power on the Frequency Outputs F1 and F2
.The High Frequency Output CF Is Intended for Calibration and Supplies Instantaneous Real
.The Logic Output REVP Can Be Used to Indicate a Potential Miswiring or Negative Power
.Direct Drive for Electromechanical Counters and Two Phase Stepper Motors (F1 and F2)
.A PGA in the Current Channel Allows the Use of Small Values of Shunt and Burden Resistance
.Proprietary ADCs and DSP Provide High Accuracy over Large Variations in Environmental
Conditions and Time
.On-Chip Power Supply Monitoring
.On-Chip Creep Protection (No Load Threshold)
.On-Chip Reference 2.5 V _ 8% (30 ppm/_C Typical) with External Overdrive Capability
.Single 5 V Supply, Low Power (15 mW Typical)
.Low Cost CMOS Process
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