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Part LXT915
Description Simple Quad Ethernet Repeater
Feature ( DataSheet : ) LXT915 Simple Quad Ethernet Repeater Datasheet The LXT915 is a.
Manufacture Intel
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( DataSheet : ) LXT915 Simple Quad Ethe LXT915 Datasheet
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Simple Quad Ethernet Repeater
The LXT915 is an integrated multi-port repeater designed for mixed-media networks. It
provides all the active circuitry required for the repeater function in a single CMOS device. It
includes one Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) port and four 10BASE-T transceivers. The AUI
port allows connection of an external transceiver (10BASE-2, 10BASE-5, 10BASE-T or
FOIRL) or a drop cable. The 10BASE-T transceivers are entirely self-contained with internal
filters that simplify the design work required for FCC-compliant EMI performance.
An Inter-Repeater Backplane (IRB) interface allows 128 or more 10BASE-T ports to be
cascaded, creating a large single-segment multi-port repeater.
The LXT915 requires only a single 5-volt power supply due to its advanced CMOS fabrication
s Remote or Stand-alone Unmanaged Hubs s Stackable Unmanaged Hubs
Product Features
s Four integrated 10BASE-T transceivers s Synchronous or asynchronous Inter-
and one AUI transceiver on a single chip
Repeater Backplane supports “hot
s Six integrated LED drivers with four
unique operational modes
s Inter-repeater backplane allows cascaded
s On-chip transmit and receive filtering
repeaters, linking 128 or more 10BASE-T
s Automatic polarity detection and correction ports
s Packaged in 64-pin PQFP
As of January 15, 2001, this document replaces the Level One document
LXT915 — Simple Quad Ethernet Repeater.
Order Number:
February 2001

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