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KX-TA308 Datasheet
Recommendation KX-TA308 Datasheet
Part KX-TA308
Description (KX-TA616 / KX-TA308) Advanced Hybrid Systems
Feature KX-TA308; ( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com ) KX-TA308 KX-TA616 www.DataSheet4U.com www.DataSheet4U.com Th.
Manufacture Panasonic
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Panasonic KX-TA308
( DataSheet : www.DataSheet4U.com )

Panasonic KX-TA308
The Best Solution
For Your Communication Needs
The telephone is your main source of communication - your link to business partners, customers, friends, and even your
family members both inside and outside the office. The KX-TA308 and KX-TA616 Advanced Hybrid Systems are phone
systems which can support your business and personal needs. The KX-TA308 supports 3 outside (CO) lines and 8
extensions. The KX-TA616 supports 6 outside (CO) lines and 16 extensions. With optional cards, you can easily
expand your system capacity up to 6 outside (CO) lines and 24 extensions* as your needs grow. Both systems provide
the features that satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated and cost conscious users. You can connect a variety of
communication devices, such as cordless phones, answering machines, computer modems, credit card verifiers, fax
machines, and any other device that works with conventional telephone lines.
The Panasonic KX-TA308 and KX-TA616 are ideal for a small business or home office requiring a flexible system with a
high degree of sophistication.
*8 of the extensions are ports used for Single Line Telephones.
Panasonic offers you unprecedented flexibility and simple
expansion with optional cards. By adding optional cards, you can
expand the system from 3 COs / 8 extensions to 6 COs /
24 extensions to meet your changing needs.
Neither additional programming nor costly rewiring is required.
6COs /16Ext.
6 COs
24 Ext.
3COs /8Ext.
3 COs
16 Ext.
8 16
Number of Extensions
The voice mail interface between a Panasonic Advanced Hybrid
Systems and the VPS (Voice Processing System) offers quick
and user-friendly operation to improve communication with your
customers and colleagues. Customisable service settings allow
you to assign major functions to telephone keypad buttons. For
example, after hearing an opening greeting, a caller can navigate
through various menus in one of several languages. He can be
routed to the appropriate department, suitable mailbox, or a fax
machine, or he can listen to up-to-date information. When the
system is digitally integrated with APT (Analogue Proprietary
Telephone), there are a number of enhanced facilities available,
such as Live Call Screening (LCS), Two-Way Recording, and
Two-Way Transfer.
More efficient handling of incoming calls.
Callers can call after-hours and still access desired
Shares the operator load.
This feature allows outside callers to access any extension
without going through an operator. Callers can dial the desired
destination such as an extension or Ring Group+, or even outside
lines. With an optional OGM (Automatic Greeting Message) card
installed, a caller will hear a greeting message. Two different
DISA messages can be recorded by the operator or manager.
One message may be used in day mode and the other in night
mode, or they may be used for different outside (CO) lines. When
the system receives a fax transmission signal by DISA*, it
automatically connects the specified fax extension. Fax calls can
be received day or night without an operator and there is no need
for a special fax phone line.
* An optional card is required.
+ All phones in the group will ring simultaneously, allowing any member of the group to
answer the call.
OGM (Option)
For the Sales Dept., press 1.
For the Service Dept., press2.
Sales Dept.
Ring Group
Cellular Phone
Facsimile Machine Sales Dept.

Panasonic KX-TA308
Fax Connection
Wireless Solution
Paging System
Doorphone Door Opener
Improves the company image.
Important business calls will not be missed.
Shares the operator load.
For handling many incoming calls quickly and efficiently, this
feature allows incoming calls to be distributed uniformly to a
group of extensions. If all stations in the UCD group are busy, the
system will play a message* to the caller - acting like a
receptionist. If still the UCD group remains busy, the call can be
sent to a secondary DISA (OGM2). This is especially useful for an
office where many calls arrive at a group and there is only one
person to take calls (queuing feature).
* An optional card is required.
This is Panasonic.
All extensions are busy.
Please wait.
For the Sales Dept., press 1.
For the Service Dept., press 2.
[UCD Hunting routes the call systematically until it finds an idle extension.]
Important business calls will not be missed.
Incoming, intercom and transferred calls to your extension can be
forwarded to another destination when you are on the phone or
away from your desk. Calls can be directed to a pre-programmed
number, such as your mailbox, another phone, or even outside
your office building, improving efficiency and overall customer
service. "Follow me" programming allows you to remotely set Call
Forwarding from another phone at your office (eg. meeting room),
so calls to your extension will reach you while you are away from
your desk.
"Follow Me"
Forward Meeting Room
Your Voice Mail
Caller Recognition
Better Call Management
The system is compatible with Caller ID, which allows a user to
see the caller’s information on Analogue Proprietary Telephones
(APTs). Proprietary display telephones can be used to access the
Caller ID log for the 20 most recent calls (Call Log). The logged
incoming calls can be called back easily.
* An optional card is required.
Please contact your dealer or phone company to confirm if the Caller ID service is
available in your area.
Display 1234567
Telephone No.
Display Paul White

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