EEEFC1xxxxx Datasheet, Equivalent, Electrolytic Capacitors.

(FC Series) Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Part EEEFC1xxxxx
Description (FC Series) Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Feature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors/ FC Surface Mount Type Type : V Series: FC FC High temperature Lead-Free reflow(suffix:Ai) n Features Endurance : 105°C 1000 h, 5.4mm height( φ6.3) Low impedance (1/2 for HA series) Vibration-proof product is available upon request.(φ8 <=) RoHS directive compliant < = Country of Origin Japan Malaysia n Specifications Category temp. range Rated W.V. Range Nominal Cap. Range Capacitance Tolerance DC Leakage Current tan δ Characteristics at Low Temperature -40 to +105°C 6.3 to 50 V .DC 1 to 1500 µ F ±20 % (120Hz/+20°C) (Whichever is greate.
Manufacture Panasonic
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