5410CR Datasheet, Equivalent, EL5410CR.


Part 5410CR
Description EL5410CR
Feature EL5210C/EL5410C EL5210C/EL5410C 30MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Op Amps Features • 30MHz -3dB bandwidth • Supply voltage = 4.5V to 16.5V • Low supply current (per amplifier) = 2.5mA • High slew rate = 33V/µs • Unity-gain stable • Beyond the rails input capability • Rail-to-rail output swing • Available in both standard and space-saving fine pitch packages General Description The EL5210C and EL5410C are low power, high voltage rail-to-rail input-output amplifiers. The EL5210C contains two amplifiers in one package and the EL5410C contains four amplifiers. Operating on supplies ranging from 5.
Manufacture ETC
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5410CR   5410CR

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