C1250C505T155SV0x0Rxxx Datasheet, Equivalent, Series Oscillator.

(C1250 Series) Oscillator

Part C1250C505T155SV0x0Rxxx
Description (C1250 Series) Oscillator
Feature C1250 Typical Applications Base Stations Test Equipment Telecom & Wireless Infrastructure Digital Switching PXO Features 5X7 Surface Mount Package Reflow Process Compatible Optional ACMOS, TTL and LVPECL Previous Corning Model Numbers Frequency range MC029, MC032, and MC033 1.0 to 800.0 MHz (ACMOS/TTL available up to 125 MHz. LVPECL frequencies above 220 MHz are achieved through use of PLL multiplier) Standard frequencies Frequency stabilities1 Parameter vs. operating temperature range (Referenced to +25°C) Min -100 -50 -25 -15 -100 -50 -25 -50 -100 -100 Typ 19.44, 3.
Manufacture Corning Frequency
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C1250C505T155SV0x0Rxxx   C1250C505T155SV0x0Rxxx

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C1250C505T155SV0x0Rxxx Datasheet



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